I recently wrote an article on the disadvantages of biomass energy and it seems to be gaining traction so I have decided to write another article to compliment it on the advantages of biomass energy.

Even though biomass energy has disadvantages (as shown by the article referenced above) it is very important to also realize that it has numerous advantages. Naturally, there is nothing with disadvantages that has no advantages and there is nothing that has advantages that doesn’t have disadvantages. This article will be talking about the advantages of biomass energy.

1. It is Cheap

Compared to other forms of energy biomass is very cheap. Other energy forms require high installation costs, most of them require consistent maintenance and some require you to always buy fuel to make sure it keeps on functioning. Biomass energy is very cheap and the installation cost is relatively minimal compared to other forms of energy, you don’t have to spend a fortune before you can build a solid biomass system.

2. It is Abundant

Due to the nature of biomass energy another great advantage it has is that it is abundant. Biomass fuel can be made by using animal dungs, waste products and other organic matters and the reality is that these substances can be found in so many places. Many of you have livestock, and if you don’t there is a probability of you having a farm in your home.

3. It is Independent on Weather/Location

Another great advantage of biomass energy is its independence. Most forms of energy depend on one thing or the other and this make them work in a particular location while they don’t work in another, a great example is the solar energy, a solar generator is only highly effective where there is high sunlight and it isn’t that effective where there is always cold weather. This is unlike bio energy and a solid biomass system will keep working irrespective of location or weather condition, as long as you keep on fueling it.

Biomass energy can also be very consistent since it doesn’t rely on weather or any other thing.

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