The Small Oil Refinery was a deployable object which is used to refine Crude Oil into Low Grade Gas. It had to be placed on open terrain, and did not use a foundation. It is now solely found as an indestructible object at Monuments such because the Airfield and Industrial Train Yard. The most dependable means to obtain Crude Oil is with the Pump Jack.


Industrial Mining at Coal CreekThe Refinery is used to refine Crude Oil as the Furnace is used to refine Metallic Ore and Sulfur Ore and such. Merely put in Crude Oil and gas, and turn the refinery on. The refinery will then stay on till it’s turned off or it runs out of gas. One Crude Oil can be transformed into 3 Low Grade Gasoline.


Open ...The refinery is quite an environment friendly means to obtain massive amounts of gasoline. Regardless that it has to be fueled itself. Given the enter of 7 Wood one may convert 1 Crude Oil into three Low Grade Gas. It takes 6 2/three Wooden per Crude Oil, so 1k for one hundred fifty cans.