Nigeria is an up and coming business powerhouse. One of the main factors in the country’s recent economic success is the widespread use of the internet and search engines. Although SEO in Nigeria is important, many Nigerian companies have not heard of it. But anyone competing in business ought to know of the features and benefits of SEO. This article is an attempt to shed some light on this vital technology.

SEO is the process of increasing the prominence of a website by use of organic search results. An algorithm is used to enable the website to be ranked higher in the search results. And the higher ranked the search results, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.

SEO aligns to different kinds of searches and targets different kinds of search engine users. For example, in Nigeria petroleum is a large industry, and there is considerable business activity related to the resource. A search engine would allow anyone who wants to know more about petroleum in Nigeria to do an industry-specific search on that topic. One could find news events related to the industry, or one could locate data and statistics on various oil companies or the petroleum market. This is just a small sample of the power of SEO.

Internet or online marketing is another application of SEO. One can use SEO as part of a broader marketing strategy; for it enables a user to analyze the things people are looking for—that is, the actual keywords people tend to type into search engines—and adjust the content of their website accordingly. In this way, business leaders are able to optimizing their website to increase the relevance of specific keywords. SEO also allows one to increase the number of inbound links and remove barriers to various indexing activities in search engines.

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However, one must not get the idea that having the right keywords will carry the entire weight for the internet marketing program. It is important to remember that SEO should only be one part of a larger strategy aimed at engaging and persuading a target audience. SEO offers significant opportunity for a company to attract a large audience and to get a good return on its investment. Entrepreneurs and other business leaders in Nigeria should bear in mind that innovation is not merely the invention of some new good or service, but that it also, indeed most of the time it directly involves, the transformation of a business process. Using SEO is such a process because it compels one to re-think and re-configure one’s marketing strategy in order to leverage the internet and digital media.

Nigeria is a fast-growing emerging market. And there is considerable space for SEO in Nigeria to really take off. It is important to remember that successful entrepreneurs investigate, learn about, and engage various tools to re-make business processes. By taking hold of and harnessing the power of SEO, entrepreneurs in Nigeria will not only create new opportunities for their own business but will likely contribute to the complete re-fashioning of the country’s economic and business realities.

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