There are watches for pure utility reasons, then there are Swiss watches, and then there are Jaeger Lecoultre watches. The discriminating male connoisseurs of fine Swiss watches have chose this brand because of its high standards of craftsmanship and handmade decoration. Nothing else makes the type of statement that these watches do.

Several examples from its current and recent line provide the armband equivalent of a sports car in sleekness and elegance. One such example is the Jaeger Lecoultre Master Compressor Geographic, a mechanical automatic whose design includes 31 jewels in an 18 karat pink-gold sapphire crystal case (also available in stainless steel casing). It is extremely impressive looking, even when seen in a photograph, and a very precise watch.

Ceramic pall ringNo less spectacular is the Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso, another very popular choice in men’s watches from that label. The variation known as the Reverso Duo has two faces, that can be both seen when the watch is not on the wrist (only one face is used when the watch is worn). Like the other opulent models, the casing is thick and protected by sapphire crystals. The timepiece comes with either a compatible leather strap or stainless steel bracelet. The look of the watch enhances the man who uses it because it projects a virile yet graceful image that might wear off on its owner.

One of the most recent Jaeger Lecoultre watches to be released is the Memovox International, a petite-looking model with a 60s look about it that updates a design introduced decades earlier. The elegance and beauty of the model is such that it comes with a desk stand to display the watch when it is not worn. The powerful functional jewelry statement the brand is known for making, as represented by models like these, is highly attractive to those wanting a masculine exclamation point to be visually evident in their public and business dealings. Men love Jaeger Lecoultre watches as they signify they belong to men of both great means, and great aesthetic taste.

There are many luxury watch companies that try to rival the JLC watch company but none are as refined and innovative as Jaeger Lecoultre watches. Time and time again this company has led the industry with new technology and their watches have set the standard for what a Swiss time piece really is. There is a reason it is synonymous with luxury items and a top choice for those with discerning tastes.