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Maybe you are not fond of your current windows. They may be worn or outdated and it might time to make some changes. If you are thinking about new windows for the home, it can be one of the best investments that you make. Here are some things to consider about replacement window costs and your return on investment or ROI. New windows can be a significant investment if you replace all of them. However, you stand to make an instant increase in home equity. The right windows can raise the value of a home considerably. At some point in the future, you may decide to take out a second mortgage or perhaps refinance. With a home that is worth more, you can borrow more for important things that you need, including funding education. New windows will get you much more for a house when you decide to sell. This can mean several more thousand dollars that you had not planned on. It can be enough to replace the money you spend on a down payment for the next home. The price of replacing windows can vary a great deal. In fact, it is not always best to take the cheapest option. More expensive windows are more energy efficient and the more efficient a window is, the quicker it will give you a good return on investment. As you sit in your home and look at the windows, you may not realize that they could be costing you a lot of money. Windows are a major source of heat loss in the winter and cool air loss in the summer. A house’s walls and ceilings are rated in R value which stands for thermal or heat resistance. This measures how much heat is retained and the higher the number, the more insulation power. Windows are rated in U value. In fact it is just the opposite of R value and is used to determine thermal transmittance or the ability of something to conduct heat. Standard single pane windows have a U value of approximately 1.2 and double pane of about . 75. This translates to . 83 and 1.3 respectively in R value. Also you may find some triple pane products with a . 15 U value or 6.6 R value. Most experts agree that a home’s windows could be losing as much as twenty percent of warm or cool air. Replacing standard windows with highly efficient ones can decrease air loss by as much as six hundred percent in some cases. This can have a dramatic effect on utility bills, and the money will add up over the years. Suppose it costs $400 per unit to replace windows and you replace about 15 of them. That is about $6000. You may save as much as $300 per year with this kind of improvement. This would completely recoup the investment in twenty years. But that does not take the other ROI factors into consideration. So complete ROI may be much faster than you think. Consider your replacement window costs and your return on investment, and you will see it can be a smart decision.

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