Patent-oriented sieve traySolar power is probably the most widely known and fastest growing technology, but it also comes with a lot of bad press. It is thought that if you live in a less sunny climate then this type of renewable heat wont be very efficient. This is not the case as on a cloudy day sun rays will still get through and the modern solar panels are far more efficient. You do need quite a few panels to supply enough household energy and they need to be installed in the right orientation, in other words facing the sun for the longest time possible.

Geothermal energy is a very cost effective, reliable efficient and powerful way to extract a renewable energy from the earths natural processes. It is one of the oldest forms of energy as it has been used for heating and bathing since roman times. The name geothermal comes from two Greek words geo means earth and thermal means heat. These days its great for generating electrify on a small scale as well as a large scale. In small scale say for one home a geothermal heat pump will do the trick but for large scale a geothermal power plant would be necessary. Recently with technological advances, you can use this energy for heating homes. It works by using the natural heat found underground. The center of the earth is around 6000 degrees Celsius and even just a few kilometres down the temperature can be over 250 degrees Celsius. It works by using ground source heat pumps. Water is usually pumped through pipes down into the earth, as it returns back to the earth it is warmer that it started.

Part 2 of this article talks about compressed natural gas, nuclear power and wave or tidal power.
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