Complacency is the biggest battle that we face in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas. Converting your daily life to the use of alternative forms of energy, solar is one example, requires a lot of effort and expense. Most people find it easier to just turn a deaf ear to the dangers of greenhouse gas and hope that someone else will worry about finding ways to reduce emissions. Many people will tell you that they are concerned about pollution and global warming, but most aren’t willing to do anything about it.


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The first grand step in reducing greenhouse gases would be reduce the unbelievable amount of emissions our society produces. Between cars, trucks, factories, and various other forms of machinery we produce huge amounts of emissions on a daily basis. Automobiles account for a large percentage of total produced emissions and this is why there has been a recent push for cleaner running cars, hybrids, and “green” cars. The problem with these is they are just a start, and for a variety of reasons, automobile manufacturers have not fully committed to producing these types of cars.


We could reduce greenhouse gas by reducing the emissions produced by each and every automobile on the road. Since there are so many of them, that kind of reduction would have a whopping effect on the environment, at least after a decade or two. That may sound like a long time, but it isn’t. Think of it this way-if a financial analyst told you that you would be a multi-billionaire in 20 years if you drove a cleaner car, you’d do it, right? Twenty years isn’t such a long time to wait when you’re waiting for something so world-changing and wonderful, right? Well, the survival of the planet is pretty nifty too.


Using alternative forms of energy, such as solar power, will help us tremendously in efforts to reducing greenhouse Petroleum Refinery Equipment Tower gases. A significant reduction in emissions needs to be addressed at the root of the issue, and that is the amount of cars currently on the roads. We have developed cities so that it is a must to own a car. Many families own a car for each member and that car is driven every day to work, school, errands, and for other reasons. So until there is a way to reduce our dependency on automobiles for transportation, there is not likely going to be a huge change in the amount of emissions produced on a daily basis.


So in order to significantly reduce greenhouse gas, we will need to change the infrastructure of our entire society. We have to take care of the corporations, as silly as that sounds, but they are the ones making the automobiles. They aren’t just going to go away quietly or lose millions just to make a cleaner car. They do things the way they do them because it’s cheaper. One solution is to have the government step in with new regulations and force them to-but they won’t because big business donates big bucks. So it’s a problem. But it’s more of a political problem than a resource issue. We have the wherewithal-we just need the will.


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