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MPC is the third-largest crude oil refiner in the U.S. and the largest in the Midwest. We own a seven-plant refinery community located within the Midwest and Gulf Coast areas of the U.S., with roughly 1,817,000 bpcd of crude oil throughput capacity. The geographic places of our refineries present us with strategic advantages. Our refineries are built-in with each other by way of pipelines, terminals and barges to maximise operating efficiency.

d IMPORT EXPORTherbes IMPORT EXPORT IMPORT EXPORT d IMPORT EXPORT茅pices et de mondo_rosa (67)_079Our refineries have the flexibility to acquire crude oil from a variety of provide sources, which supplies us with flexibility to optimize crude supply costs. MPC processes a various slate of crude oil. The everyday slate in 2016 consisted of about 60 percent bitter crude oil and forty percent sweet crude oil. Throughout 2016, roughly fifty eight p.c of this crude oil was acquired from U.S.