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According to chrome ore and ferrochrome producer operator RCS’s Peter Stamenkovic said first half of 2011 by the strong demand from the stainless steel industry and the continuous tightening of inventory support,titanium dioxide, ferrochrome prices will start to rise.

CRU, held in Paris in the 13th Congress of stainless steel, Stamenkovic said that the demand for ferrochrome for stainless steel industry will remain strong, at least in the first half of next year, when the then industrial stocks are low. Expected ferrochrome prices began to rise, CRU forecast ferrochrome prices in the first quarter of next year, $ 1.4 / lb in the second quarter will be raised to $ 1.45 / lb. Stamenkovic, said: “It is estimated to be relatively scarce supply,titanium dioxide production, manufacturers have to strive to meet growing demand.”

In addition the world’s largest ferrochrome producer – South Africa’s ferrochrome production costs will also be a result of the continuing weakness of U.S. dollar against the rand and the April rise in a substantial increase in electricity tariffs. Between July to November,titanium dioxide msds, the U.S. dollar against the rand has fallen 11%.

Recalling 2010, Stamenkovic said that in the recovery of the stainless steel industry under the driving force in the first quarter ferrochrome demand is strong. The third quarter showed some seasonal weakness in the trend, but the fourth-quarter demand picked up again in the continued good demand for 10 weeks under the current ferrochrome stocks will remain tight state. In addition Stamenkovic also believe the southern hemisphere winter next year between the expected output to fall under a number of producers in South Africa in the current accumulation of inventories.

The long run, Stamenkovic think that developing countries, especially China and India, urban development, infrastructure construction and industrial demand to stimulate the rapid growth in demand for stainless steel. According to CRU, statistics, world stainless steel demand in 2010 will reach 30.84 million tons in 2014 to increase by 25% to 38.59 million tons, which will directly lead to growth in demand for ferrochrome. However, the shortage of electricity supply in South Africa means that manufacturers can not produce ferrochrome ferrochromium enough to meet growing demand. The rest of the world will further increase the yield of a number of areas, but also facing the predicament of high production costs,titanium dioxide price, increase the price of a larger voice. Mainly relied on imports of chrome ore for example, the Chinese ferrochrome producers are also expected to gradually raise ferrochrome prices.
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