The traditional plain white radiator has taken on a radical transformation. It has evolved over the years in style, shape and color. Modern home owners are installing more radical radiator designs into their homes to create a feature that will give a focal point that impresses their guests. On the high street and on the internet there is a wide selection of modern radiators available, from stone radiators to mirrored radiators. They come in all different sizes, materials and colors.

The internet has enabled home owners and interior designers to broaden their shopping experience. The modern designed radiator is no exception, the internet is a wash with all new and wacky designs.

Once just a form of heating, the radiator is now becoming a feature in a lot of modern homes. The innovative designs, styles and materials have the added benefit of being more energy efficient than the traditional radiator.

The range of different sizes allow even the tiniest room to show off a modern heated towel rail or radiator. Plinth or low line radiators are widely used in small spaces or in conservatories. The contemporary materials and the wide selection of colors make them a fashion statement in any home. The colored electric radiator or an led lit radiator are only a few of the contemporary designs available on the market today.

The different materials are also quite interesting; glass, stone, aluminium and stainless steel make the choice more difficult.

U-tube heat exchangerThe designers and engineers have taken the old traditional style and transformed it into a piece of art. They have been innovative in their approach, using their imagination to create these amazing designs. Some of the radiators that they have designed also have added practicality, for instance; a stylish hallway radiator has the added features of acting as a mirror and a coat hanger.

We cannot forget the revolution of the well designed heated towel rails that are available today. As with the radiator, towel rails are now available in all different designs, sizes and colors. Not only do they add style to your bathroom, they heat your towels or there are some which have the facility for storage. Heated towel rails are often used for their practicality however, sometimes the bathroom may be too small to fit a radiator. There are a wide variety of materials available; brass finish, stainless steel, aluminium and you can even get one that is mirrored.

Once only seen within grand home designs, designer radiators are now easily available on the high street and online at affordable prices. So any home can now showcase and feature a designer radiator. With the wide selection available, whatever your style of room there is a radiator out there for you.

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