Over coal prices: coal pit stable, steadily Steam Coal Steam Coal: As the weather is warmer and the Chinese New Year shutdown of industrial enterprises, nearly two-week decline in steam coal demand, but the pit coal prices since early September to the preganglionic up only about 15%, well below the 30% gain in Qinhuangdao, so this week was relatively stable thermal coal prices, the weak areas such as the viscosity of Datong coal with 5-10 yuan / ton increase; expected for some time, with the Air temperatures increased demand for electricity was down, but the industrial use of electricity will remain high, the overall view of steam coal will remain the situation of supply and demand balance, coal prices have some down pressure.

Coking: Steel City, even though the recent pullback, however Coking Coal resources are strained, this week, prices remain stable; later, with the construction works will resume after the holiday, as well as internal and external factors need to promote the recovery of iron and steel industry will coking coal demand and prices on the formation of support, before the holiday last week, 0.07% of domestic steel prices rose slightly, there has been signs of stabilization.

Anthracite: Anthracite market remained stable this week, is expected to enter the fertilizer market after the holiday season, anthracite coal supply and demand conditions remain tight, prices will have some upside.

PCI coal: coal injection this week, the market remained stable.

Transit: Qinhuangdao coal prices fell sharply, port stocks rise as temperatures rise, demand for coal all over the decline in short supply since the fourth quarter, the situation has been alleviated, coal consumption is gradually coming off-season, this week, prices continued to substantially Qinhuangdao down, which Datong excellent mix, great mix of Shanxi Shanxi excellent mix were 765 yuan / ton, 725 yuan / ton and 625 yuan / ton, decreased by 45 yuan per ton before the holiday, 40 yuan and 40 yuan; Spring Festival due to Hong Kong ship to reduce, Qinhuangdao sharp rebound in stocks, 22 February inventories 6.9749 million tons, higher than February 7 26.1%. Guangzhou to Hong Kong: the February 21 stock 2.428 million tons of coal in Guangzhou to Hong Kong more than February 7 rose 21.5%, this week, prices of domestic and foreign trade in Guangzhou to Hong Kong remained stable.

International coal prices: The three major indices rose slightly this week, three major ports in the international thermal coal prices rise. February 19, NEWC thermal coal prices fell sharply last week, the week rose to 93.98 U.S. dollar / Ton, or 3.56%; RB index and ARA index rose 0.10%, respectively, and 2.49%; expected future fluctuations in international coal prices will remain small.

Direct supply power plants: coal stocks continued to rise to 16 days, on coal consumption continued to decline as coal supplies before the holiday by promoting coordination, actively working coal rush to transport and storage of coal, electricity industry decline the Lunar New Year, direct supply power stocks continue to rise, February 21, direct supply of coal power plants increased the number of days inventory is available to 16 days. Main stock rose from eastern China, the number of days available this week were higher than the 10 February 8 days to 18 days.

Direct supply power plants this week, continued to decline in coal consumption, Feb. 21 date direct supply total coal consumption reached 1.8575 million tons, down 6.6% before the holiday, throughout the day Liangjun coal consumption declined slightly.

Coke: small fluctuations around the price of steel market weakness due to the recent downward, with coking coal prices high again, Shanxi Coking Industry Association, the decision to cut price increases, coke sales guidance prices raised to 2,000 yuan per ton, limited production rate of clear to 60%. This week, around the coke price trend was stable only in Taiyuan area of metallurgical coal rose 30 yuan / ton, down Tangshan area 30 yuan / ton. Author Box erenber has 1 articles online

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