The Kinetic Impulse Gravity Pump makes use of gravity feed expertise to pump water with out having to use an external drive motor of any sort. That is right: now you can pump water 24 hours a day for 365 days a yr without having to worry about electric or gasoline bills.
What does it price you to run your swimming pool pump each month? By putting in your Ok.I.G. pump you’ll be able to run your swimming pool filter across the clock, with all your additional water options in your garden and your swimming pool. Making certain your pool is stored sparkling clear, with the usage of your cleansing chemicals. Imagine with the ability to do all of this with out having to fret about any electric payments. The same applies on your K.O.I. pond or dam.
What does it cost your corporation to pump away all that excess water? Supreme for Mining, Quarrying, Brick and Mortar companies. All that excess water that seeps by means of out of your water table and hinders your manufacturing, could be removed 24 hours a day with your K.I.G. Pump. Conserving your working area dry, for you to focus in your production. Meaning much less down time and a rise in productiveness.
What if it prices you nothing to fill up your reservoir dams and irrigate your lands or fields? The Okay.I.G pump is good for transferring water from a river or a dam, to your holding dams, tanks or reservoirs. Now you by no means have to run out of water, when it is advisable flood or irrigate your lands or fields. Ensuring all your drinking troughs have a continuous supply of contemporary water. Excess water could be recirculated or launched back into the wild (river or dam).

Save on all these ongoing month-to-month bills by putting in a Kinetic Impulse Gravity pump to move your water to where you need it most.

K.I.G. Pumps are manufactured to consumer specifications, relying on volumes and or pressure requirements. Specs are also altered to suite the Chemical and Petroleum Industries.

Applications are limitless.

Do it’s essential switch or pump water for hundreds of miles, no downside with K.I.G.’s full pumping system.

How the Kinetic Impulse Gravity Pump works Water is fed into the Kinetic Impulse Gravity pump through gravity feed, which triggers the impulse valve, utilizing the inherent kinetic energy in water to activate the release valve, creating the pumping action. The following Part of our mission is to Release the Kinetic Impulse Generator which is able to provide your family with all its energy and or electrical needs.