Wire mesh corrugated

Wire mesh corrugated


Wire mesh corrugated

The main features

Lots of theoretical stages

Range from 1 millibar to atmospheric pressure

Minimum pressure drop at each theoretical stage is very important

Lower overall height

Batch and continuous tower

Test tower (reliability scale)

Only applicable to:

To form precipitated pollutants

Non-wetting liquid (e.g. reduced water NTSM)

The main application

Monomer in plastic (MDI, DMT, etc.)

Fatty acid, fatty alcohol, fatty acid ester

Ethylene, ethylene, triethylene and ethylene glycol

Pharmaceutical products (vitamins, etc.)

Perfume (menthol, citriol, etc.)

The separation of isomers

Fine chemical industry

Wire mesh corrugated

wire mesh corrugated wire mesh corrugated wire mesh corrugated



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