Our technical companions undertake all the modular construction at their vast fabrication services in Houston, USA.

... KPI, the international subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPCundertakes all of the Logistics & Development actions inside Nigeria. Commissioning & Operator Training is undertaken jointly within Nigeria


Produce marketable products in minimal time. Modular crude topping models are every customized-designed for the crude oil to be refined, with capacities starting from 1,000 to 20,000 barrels per day. Every modular crude unit is constructed of all new supplies and can be ready for shipment with the world’s fastest manufacturing schedule.

Every crude topping unit is capable of producing naphtha, kerosene (jet gas), diesel and gasoline oil. Actual processing capacities, product percentages and boiling points will range according to the distinctive traits of the crude oil.

Upon request, our technical companions can furnish information on anticipated yields and modify crude units to satisfy your particular product needs. We may furnish any additional gear wanted for additional processing of your product streams, together with hydro-treaters, catalytic reformers, and naphtha stabilizers


Historically, the petroleum industry has constructed large-scale refineries at centralized places, supplying them with crude oil and gasoline condensate by way of pipeline and transport truck. Refined grades of merchandise are subsequently transported from the refinery to shopper markets, primarily by transport truck. Whereas large-scale refineries provide the bulk of refined merchandise to the world market, the majority of latest hydrocarbon discoveries by business majors and huge independents occur in areas the place there is proscribed or no obtainable infrastructure for transportation and refining. Subsequently, producers are compelled to assemble expensive infrastructures for transporting the hydrocarbons to an out there refinery, or assemble a brand new refinery at a location close to the manufacturing site. Below the better of circumstances this process can take a number of years.

In populated areas close to a pipeline or oil subject and never near a refinery, a small mini-refinery may be put in that may course of crude from the pipeline. This plant can rocess the dieselor desired distillate for native consumption, after which injects the unused portion of the crude back into the pipeline.

Every course of plant is skid mounted, modular in design and transportable to the source of crude manufacturing or a pipeline location. System commissioning at the site, on the small models, can be full inside 3 months after arrival on the pre-prepared site location. These models may be simply relocated with a minimal amount of field building. Refined merchandise produced from a modular refinery processing plant may be sold to native markets or equipped as a feedstock for additional processing and the residual oil returned to the crude pipelines.