Powder coating is a revolutionary way of applying veneer on surfaces. The dry powder is coated on a surface then heated in an oven until it reaches its melting point. The powder covers the surface and provides an even layer of impressive coat that makes the surface more resistant to scratches, breakage, UV rays and corrosion compared to ordinary liquid painting.

The equipments used in this process are categorized into two: the electrostatic coating wherein the powder is introduced to the target area using tribo or corona charging guns and fluidized bed wherein a container with air cavity at the bottom is filled with powder which is used for sticking pre-heated coating to the surface of the object to be applied with powder coating.

Substrate or layer preparation

This is the primary step towards achieving a successful powder coating. Free the area from oil traces, lubricants, oxide remnants and other blemishes on the target substrate.

If there are any stains on the surface, you can apply various forms of cleaning techniques depending on the substrate, the type of blemish and the size of surface to be cleaned. In addition to that, check the ingredients to make sure it is not harmful to your health.

For wooden, plastic and glass surfaces, you can apply sandblasting while silicon carbide grit is used on non metal materials. For steel surfaces like beams, a cast steel shot is used to prepare the surface from powder coating.

Powder application

The powder used for coating is made of grounded color particles. The particles are charged and squirted to the surface electrostatically. The particles are grounded electrically in order for them to stick strongly to the surface area until the process is done.


This is an important process wherein after the powder is applied on the subject, it is placed in an infrared cure or convection cure oven and is subjected to around 200 degree Celsius for ten minutes. In this process the powder coating is melted and allowed to react chemically for it to stick to the substrate permanently.

By using the right equipment, you can achieve a tough finish that sticks to the paint tougher than traditional painting process. Its popularity is due to the fact that it resists to chemicals, does not require any solvent and is environment-friendly.

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