Marketing promos for mark down prices for plants can be challenging. In the daily grind of a five day work week, most people barely have any time to notice ads or promo materials along the way, unless they’re directly in front of them during the commute to the office. If there isn’t much of a budget for high impact marketing tools such as billboards or large signage, another affordable, cost-effective marketing tool can be the use of brochure printing. Plant nursery owners can target a specific market area. This can mean surrounding neighborhoods, offices, schools, parks, or town halls. Plant nursery business owners can choose to print brochures and place them inside mailboxes of the chosen target area. Below are some ideas to consider when designing a marketing brochure for a plant nursery sale:

• The more attractive, the better-Chances are, this isn’t the only brochure that potential customers will see. It’s advisable to create a unique concept or an eye-catching design for this brochure. The best images to use are the plants themselves. Brochures can act as a mini catalog of the plants on sale. Brochure printing today can be easily and conveniently done through online printing services. Business owners can choose from a standard set of design templates. Customers can also choose standard sizes and folds. Customers can now also choose to have front and back full color printing, full color printing in front with a black back or full color front with a blank back. Business owners also have the option to upload a customized designs or size.

• Choose to print useful information-It’s effective to print not only the essentials such as plant name and price. Other useful information can include design ideas or plant uses for a specific type of plant. Design ideas would mean using them as ornamentals, as climbers, as bedding plants. Plant specifications are also helpful including plant spacing, water requirements, quantities available, flower color or species variations.

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