EcoChem - Koltech Group: providing enterprises agentsMany people use petroleum jelly on their lips pondering it nourishes and hydrates the pores and skin. However sadly, analysis has shown that this is not the case. And do you know the place petroleum jelly comes from? You is perhaps stunned! Petroleum comes from the identical place as gasoline, it is basically a byproduct of the oil trade. It a leftover residue created throughout the refinery of crude oil.

Are you postpone yet?!

As effectively because the somewhat unpleasant historical past of the place petroleum jelly actually comes from, the view that placing it on your lips is hydrating them would not necessarily ring true. You may actually be inflicting extra harm than good. As a result of petroleum jelly varieties a seal over the pores and skin, it disrupts the our bodies process of elimination of toxins via the pores, potentially trapping them below the pores and skin.

Making use of petroleum jelly additionally creates a false sense or eelingof skin comfort and hydration when in truth, it has no confirmed dermatological evidence of hydrating the skin.

If you’re in search of an alternate to hydrate the pores and skin on the lips, then look no further.


Dermalogica AgeSmart Lip Renewal Complicated contains Avocado Oil and is dermatalogically tested. It is going to help to minimise the indicators of nice lines and wrinkles at the identical time.