Nordic countries in a unique forest and wind energy resources, is the world’s first use of biomass

Energy And wind energy, technology and experience the most mature one of the richest areas in which Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland has become the world’s new energy development and use of the leader. With these countries in the field of renewable energy experience, is to

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Carbon Economy Create cooperation opportunities Invest in Sweden Agency chief representative of China, Industrial Counsellor Chen Yonglan told CCIN reporter, currently Sweden ecological

Environmental protection Field of 3600 enterprises, of which more than 20% related to biomass energy industry, including biomass, biomass particles, biogas, cogeneration, etc., covering materials handling, processing and optimize the product structure as a whole industrial chain. Although the vast majority of them are SMEs, but the technology and management experience, product maturity. These companies are very optimistic about China’s development prospects in this field, hoping to cooperation to develop the Chinese market.

Chen Yonglan said China made clear at the Copenhagen meeting carbon reduction goals, will inevitably develop low-carbon renewable energy industry in particular. This is the strength of the Nordic countries, especially Sweden, wind power, biomass energy has extensive experience leading technology and system concept, the basis for cooperation between the two countries is very deep. If the experience of Sweden and China needs to effectively integrate the two countries in the field of renewable energy co-operation of the huge two governments have signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Wind strengths of biomass in the Nordic
Embassy of Denmark, according to senior business officials often new Jie, at present the Danish wind power accounted for 20% of the country’s electricity, is the world’s countries with the highest proportion of wind power, the government also plans to wind power by 2025 proportion further increased to 50%. At present China has a very small proportion of wind power development potential. VESTAS Denmark is the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, has several provinces in China

Sell Thousands of wind turbines. In biomass, the Danish number of prestigious institutions and enterprises, in February last year, with the grain Novozymes Group and Sinopec Group signed a cooperation agreement to develop maize as the raw material of second-generation fuels commercial scale ethanol production project, will build the next-ton device. February 9 this year, the Danish Ministry of Energy and Climate Change and Energy Bureau of China jointly launched the Sino-Danish renewable energy development project, which is currently the largest bilateral cooperation projects in renewable energy, implementation of the plan period of 5 years (2009 – 2013), the Danish Government for the implementation of the project to provide about 130 million yuan of grant support.

In biomass, wind, photovoltaic technology, China and Finland, Norway, Iceland and other Nordic countries have extensive cooperation. Norwegian companies have a wealth of offshore wind power technology, the current Norwegian National

Oil Has completed the design of the formal operation of the world’s first floating fans, shortly before the Norwegian Innovation Department and the Chinese authorities at the seminar. Norway will also participate in the 2010 Shanghai International offshore wind power and wind power industrial chain of the General Assembly, to further promote China and Norway in offshore wind power cooperation.

Shanghai World Expo will also be in China, the five Nordic countries to promote renewable energy arena. This year’s Expo, the five Nordic countries will set up separate exhibition hall, and will hold a joint energy and climate forum, details of their energy and climate change related technologies.

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Chen Yonglan said China and Sweden and other Nordic countries can use a wide range of cooperation in technology and product development, manufacturing, product sales and other links to cooperate. One is to “go out”, that Chinese enterprises to invest abroad, and those with experience and technology joint venture of Swedish enterprises, especially in technology, R “> Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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