Firm to promote a low carbon economy, policies will be introduced intensive. The original high-carbon development in China’s economic model has been unsustainable, low power consumption, low pollution, low-carbon economy will be the only way for China’s future development. Low-carbon economy is still in bud, the original model to overcome the enormous inertia in the initial phase of transition, a strong policy to promote low carbon economic development will be to ensure the necessary means. China is expected to remain intense recent introduction of relevant policies, the policy planning in greater efforts to promote the development model to the low carbon transformation, for the development of low-carbon economy and lay a solid foundation for long-term health.

Industrial structure and Energy Structural Adjustment of the income and reduce expenditure both, promising new energy and energy saving Environmental protection . Relative to comparable developed countries, China’s industrial structure is extremely unreasonable, excessive proportion of secondary industry, tertiary industry need to improve. Energy structure, high-polluting coal proportion is much higher than the world average. Highlights the contradiction between the current of energy to sustainable development posed a serious challenge, revenue and reducing expenditure to solve two major problems of China’s energy interests.

air separation oxygenNew energy generation: the importance of open source means to a low carbon economy. 2020 new energy in the energy structure will reach 15% share. Expected in the “New Energy and Industrial Planning” on wind power, solar power, installed capacity of nuclear power development goals were to increase substantially in 2020, the installed capacity targets for the medium to long term planning of 30 million kilowatts, 180 million kilowatts, 40 million kilowatts increased to 100 million kilowatts, 20 million kilowatts, 70 million kilowatts, which will generate a huge new energy industry a boost.

China’s nuclear power industry will enter a rapid development stage, the next decade will be the new installed capacity of nearly 90 million kilowatts, up 400 billion yuan birth of nuclear power equipment market; equipment, localization will be the theme of nuclear power development in China, local equipment manufacturers to replace imported huge space, power and the main equipment manufacturers optimistic about the East Electric , And key components in the field of nuclear science and technology, China and the sharp steel shield security environment.

From the current global PV industry has bottomed out, industry revenues increased significantly, the domestic market demand will be stimulated at the policy increased substantially. PV is a highly anticipated new energy forms, as technology advances, the costs will continue to decline, broad market prospects. Optimistic about the industry chain enterprises have advantages such as the integration of the sea through the Group.

Wind power industry is facing consolidation, long-term benefit from leading enterprises. Policy guidance and enthusiasm in moving under the influence of cold, expected long-term slowdown in domestic demand, the industry is facing integration requirements. As part of the blind into who leave, that we believe that leading enterprises such as wind power Goldwind, Dongfang Electric will face market conditions improve, bullish on the long-term prospects.

Saving and environmental protection: low-cost saving technologies mature. China’s energy inefficient, carbon intensive is much higher than developed countries, energy-saving potential. Recently released state enterprises will be Category 5 energy saving tax incentives, we expect the “12 5” during the energy conservation remained a priority, looking forward to gradually introduce the relevant supporting policies. At the present stage of economic development remains the top priority in China, in order to simultaneously achieve economic growth and transformation to a low carbon model, low-cost low-carbon technologies must be selected route. The short term, industrial energy efficiency and energy saving and other low carbon technologies mature and significant economic value for low-carbon economy in the beginning of the transition promoting.

Pressure Frequency prospects. According to the current average of about 800 yuan / kW price estimates do not take into account the increasing demand of the future, high pressure Inverter Potential market as high as 81.2 billion yuan, while in 2008 only 3.5 billion industry, market size, the next big market space. Promising field of high voltage frequency conversion leading enterprises co Kang, Kyushu Electric, Hidenobu shares.

Heat and pressure utilization prospects. “Heat and pressure utilization project” is “during” the national ten key energy conservation projects and build a conservation-oriented society is one of key projects, can be widely used Steel , Nonferrous metals, coal, Chemical industry High energy consumption industries. The current residual heat and pressure technology is mature, expect the stock of domestic heat and pressure as high as 500 billion market. Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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