Red Line Energy

Energy, energy, energy. All is Energy. The laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there really is no physical world, no planets, chairs, tables, cars nor people. They are only what they call Quanta – Energy.

It is only our perception or what I should say it is our observation of Quanta that makes them appear Real and Physical.

Planets, chairs, tables, cars and people are large masses of Quanta formed around a Matrix, a pattern. There are millions of matrices or patterns that Quanta can form around. A planet has a pattern, a car has a pattern, and a human has a pattern.

Many of these patterns are what I like to refer to as Divine Blueprints in the Mind of the Creator God. The Infinite Seed pattern or Matrix or playing field upon which all the other infinite patterns play (manifest) is called the Quantum Ocean.

Now the great intellectuals who continuously leave out the “primal first cause of all Creation,” the Creator God tells us that sometimes “Quanta” is wavelike and sometimes it is a particle like.

I say that all Quanta or energy is in the form of non-manifest ion (wavelike) and manifestion (particle ).

When a planet, a chair, a car, or a human is still un-manifested or to put it another way, non-physical, we can say he/she is still a soul in the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

Once this Soul ‘blinks out’ of the Quantum Ocean it takes on a physical reality. Why did the Soul ‘blink out” of the Quantum Ocean? Simply to experience life on the physical plane, no more no less.

Within the Quantum Ocean and dispersed within and through out all of physical creation, be it a planet or a man is Life-Force -energy.

Without a sufficient supply of Life Force a Human cannot remain on the physical plane. They “blink -back” into the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. Energy, Life Force is the most important commodity we have.

Zero Life-Force means Physical Death.

Blocked Life- Force in the Meridian Chakra pattern of a human Matrix means illness, OR dis-ease in the part of the Body or organ lying along the meridian.

Low Life – Force means pain. Every Human has organs or teeth or legs or joints that have some form of weakness to them. When we allow our energy (life -force) to dip below the “Red Line” level we will feel these weaknesses call out to us; the language they will use will be pain.

But if we constantly and persistently and religiously live a life of moderation and keep our energy, Life-Force above the Red-Line, Pain will disappear.

Life-Force flowing through our meridians and chakras in sufficient force will protect us from all illness, diseases and pain.

I speak from experience. I have several traumatized teeth and traumatized lower back, that I created in my younger days of football, boxing, and hockey.

When I allow my Life-Force, energy to sink below the Red-Line my teeth and back remind me of my violent youth and that I need to slow down and recoup.

So, I pull back, rest, and use my energy tools. Within 24 hours the pain is gone.

Try it!

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Ragnar Storyteller (AKA Ellis Peterson is a Korean War Vet living with his wife Lory and dog Dixie in the boonies of the Pocono Mountains. He is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He is the inventor of the simple radionics device called “The Nordic Ond Orgone Generator”. He has written over 200 articles and booklets on runes, radionics, quantum physics, viking history, orgone generators and alternate healing methods. Ragnar is 70+ but looks 50’s thanks to his inventions. You can see more of his works on his website: Ragnar Storyteller’s un-politcally correct writings on quantum physics and other stuff. click:

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