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Smart Energy
Benefits of Natural Gas
1. Natural Gas Can Come From Renewable Sources

Natural Gas Can Come From Renewable Sources

Learn about natural gas technologies that can turn waste into a renewable energy source.

Electricity is generated from different sources, such as coal, nuclear power, solar, etc. The environmental impact depends on how it’s generated. It’s the same with natural gas, which is essentially methane. Since methane comes from the decomposition of organic matter, there are ways to generate natural gas other than extracting it from the ground.

Organic waste products from landfills, wastewater treatment, dairies and farms can be repurposed into biogas, a clean and renewable natural gas that makes natural gas even cleaner. Studies indicate organic waste alone could supply up to 20 percent of our current natural gas demand if converted to methane. And, with purpose-grown crops, studies show we can produce an additional 20 percent of our gas from this renewable source.That means up to 40 percent of our natural gas supply could come from renewable resources.