9 Customs dated 11 figures, in August, China exported 2.08 million tons of steel, the highest export volume this year, a new high; imported 1.59 million tons of steel, steel billet imports 350,000 tons, imports and net exports of crude steel exports about commuted 170,000 tons. This is the second since March of this year, China for 5 months after becoming a net importer of steel, again to achieve a net exporter of steel.

Analysts believe that steel exports will continue to change for the better future, but to return to last year’s export levels, but also a very long time.

8 imported 49.68 million tons of iron ore, the chain fell 14.5%. This is 5 months, China’s iron ore imports for the first time less than 50 million tons. Domestic steel prices fell sharply diving lead ore prices, steel imports began with traders cautious, iron ore imports decrease, pre-ore imports have emerged 20 U.S. dollars / tons of Fukui.

Once again become a net exporter of steel products
“The next few months, China’s steel export situation will change for the better. But the recovery process is slow.” “My Steel “Analyst Xu Xiangchun that domestic steel prices plummeted by the international and domestic spreads narrowed sharply, export tax rebates many factors, China’s steel exports up consecutive chain.

Latest Customs statistics show that in August, China exported 2.08 million tons of steel, the chain increased by 27 million tons, is the first time in a single month this year, breaking two million tons, is more than 3 consecutive months of growth rings. gas 1.59 million tons of steel imports that month, the chain declined by 16 million tons of net exports of 490,000 tons of steel, 350,000 tons over the same period imports of billet, billet material (steel + billet) to achieve a net export of 140,000 tons, off the net exports of 170,000 tons of crude steel, the end of 5 consecutive months of negative situation.

Analysts believe that the joint metal mesh, steel exports continued to rise in line with market expectations, further improvement is the result of external demand. Since the second quarter, the general international economic situation gradually improved, the United States, European Union and Japan three major developed economies to curb the rate of decline in GDP, down narrow. One of the major steel exporter in China in Korea in the second quarter GDP growth of the chain is 2.3%.

In the second half, the international market prices rise slowly, China’s domestic steel prices rising trend ended in early August and quickly dropped, thus significantly reducing the spread at home and abroad. To thermal paper, for example, the current domestic market price of about 3.0mm plain carbon paper 549 U.S. dollars / ton, CIS export quotations for the 545 U.S. dollars / ton (FOB Black Sea), Southeast Asia, the import price is 540 U.S. dollars / ton (to the shore price), the spread narrowed to 10 U.S. dollars / ton, within. Narrow spread means that the price more competitive, more attractive to the buyer.

Less than 050 million tons of iron ore imports
“8 months, China imported 49.68 million tons of iron ore, compared to 58.08 million tons in July, up 14.5% qoq.”

Joint metal mesh iron ore analyst DU Wei accepted an interview with the China Securities Journal said, compared with July, August imports of 8.4 million tons less. Here are prices of iron ore. Iron ore rose to 110 U.S. dollars / ton when the steel mills and traders control risk, reduce imports. There is also a factor is the clearance factors are becoming apparent. July imports reached 58.08 million tons, which is we did not expect. In fact, imports of iron ore June had reduced.

9 11, Customs figures show 1-August, China imported a total of 404,900,000 tons of iron ore, up 32%. Total amount of 30.938 billion U.S. dollars, the average price was 76.41 U.S. dollars ore / ton.

Joint metal network statistics, as of September 11, the domestic iron ore ports of 19 stocks was 73.74 million tons, 390,000 tons less than the week loop. The iron ore prices surged to 110 U.S. dollars / ton high, is now back down to 80 U.S. dollars / ton range. Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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