The density of diesel is related to the composition and distillation range. The higher the initial boiling point of diesel, the higher the 95% distillate temperature and the higher the density. The higher the content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and aromatics in diesel, the higher the density of linear alkane. The density is small. If the molecular weight in the component is larger, that is, the heavier the component, the density of the diesel oil is larger; generally, the diesel fraction is from about 280 to 350 degrees. The higher the temperature, the heavier the composition and the greater the density.


The qualified diesel is controlled below 0.86, and the general density is between 0.82-0.86, which is controlled according to the specific conditions and crude oil. Diesel mainly contains C10-C20 components. The more C20 components, the greater the density. More oil information oil information oil transfer technology, please pay attention to WeChat public number oil circle.


Whether the density of diesel is good or the density is small, the key is to see what you want to do. If it is a vehicle oil, of course, the density is small, and the same quality oil density is small and large, so suitable, and the specific gravity is small, the cetane number is high, and the combustion performance is good. If you use it to burn a boiler, it is suitable for high density, because the high heat value is high and the heat generated is high.