Cold in the financial crisis, “Southeast Fly” perhaps the best non-Chinese industrial capital choice, southeast coastal areas may not be the preferred habitat of overseas funds.

2 5, Chip Industry giant Intel formally announced its decision to close its assembly and test facility in Pudong, Shanghai, to integrate in the southwestern city of Chengdu factory; the same time, Intel will be in Shanghai (China) Co., Ltd. an additional 110 million U.S. dollars of registered capital, to enhance its investment operations in China.

In addition, Intel also said it would strengthen in Dalian, Chengdu plant investment and production. Prior to Intel’s Chengdu factory manager has said that Intel’s Chengdu plant during the year will increase to 2,500, while the integration of Shanghai factory, this scale may also expand.

Action 1: to adjust staff positions in 2000
Intel said the operator to adjust the production plan in China is due to the current economic impact, Shanghai, Chengdu, packaging and testing factory integrated into the plan is expected to last 12 months, may cause about 2,000 employees affected, but these workers will be provided to Chengdu, Dalian, factories and other parts of Intel China Post Transformation opportunities.

Shanghai an Intel employee told the “Daily Economic News” reporter, yesterday morning the company held a full meeting and announced the adjustment program. Program initially, the Shanghai factory workers agreed to transfer to Chengdu, Dalian, work, or will receive compensation for N +4.

“Daily Economic News” on the treatment of an inquiry to reassign employees of Intel (China), Intel’s public relations official said, are unable to confirm the above said N +4 employee compensation, the company has not yet issued a specific treatment program reassign employees .

Action 2: an additional 110 million U.S. dollars investment
Shanghai plant is closed, while in Shanghai, Intel announced the Intel (China) Co., Ltd. an additional 110 million U.S. dollars of registered capital, to strengthen its investment operations in China.

In addition, Intel will strengthen investment in new plant in Dalian, enhanced technology, increased production and operating factories in Chengdu to expand production capacity. Intel also said its other businesses in China, including Intel’s Chengdu plant, under construction in the chip factory in Dalian, located in Beijing, Intel China Research Center (

IC RC), and Intel Capital China Technology Fund II, are established to maintain the commitment to change.

Relevant person in charge of Intel to the “Daily Economic News” said, investment in the Dalian plant currently can not determine the specific amount, but the progress of the new plant in Dalian all the normal, expected in 2010. Intel in China, Shanghai’s position has not changed the layout is still the most important R revenues of 8.2 billion U.S. dollars, down 23%. Intel said it was credited to one billion U.S. dollars by the Clearwire investment value is written down, the market demand remained weak, and the PC makers affected customers to reduce inventory. Market, also predicted that Intel may be encountered in the first quarter, the company’s recent first loss in 21 years. Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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