chemical tower manufacturing installationGave character request of personnel safety detection system oriented to coal mine crusher.The software and hardware design of the system were introduced in detail.And discussed the arithmetic of personnel locating and relative position matching. The key technology and its solution method were probed in design from avoiding warn-omitted,enhancing reliability of system and reducing power wastage.Compared to other warn and location system,the system has some merits,such as simple structure,low cost,little power wastage and exact location.
In the use of coal as a fuel, a continuing problem is the cleaning and transportation of coal. coal gangue crusher cleaning is of considerably more importance when the coal must be transported over long distances since the transportation of inorganic materials which form ash upon combustion of the coal and the like is expensive and undesirable. As a result, coal gangue crusher as produced from the mine is normally cleaned by a variety of techniques prior to transportation to use as a fuel.
One method for transporting coal is the use of coal slurry pipelines for the transportation of aqueous coal slurries. The transportation of such slurries is well known and it is desirable in the use of such aqueous slurries that the coal be cleaned to reduce the ash content of the coal prior to transporting the coal in the form of an aqueous slurry. Further, it has been found that when the coal has a controlled particle size distribution as shown for instance in U.S. Pat. No. 3,168,350 issued Feb. 2, 1965 to Phinney, et al. that a lower energy input is required for the transportation of the coal. The coal size distribution required to achieve the lower energy requirements is different than the “normal size distribution” which refers to the size distribution of comminuted coal particles following a statistical distribution by weight according to a conventional distribution curve. The improved results are accomplished by the use of aqueous coal gangue crusher slurries which have a reduced amount of material appearing in the size consist range between about 100 Tyler mesh and about 325 Tyler mesh with an increased amount of material having a size consist smaller than about 325 Tyler mesh. Clearly, the production of such a slurry can be accomplished by a variety of means as disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 3,168,350. One method disclosed in the patent is the mixing of two slurries, one containing larger particulate coal and the other containing the more finely divided coal.
Crushing functions of a rotary cobblestone crusher are achieved by its crushing cavity con-sisting of an eccentric rotary roller arid a fixed notch crushing plate. Dynamic and static Vari-ations in its cavity’ s nip angle can make it to have a number of functions,such as high fre-quency crushing,high density crushing,progressive crushing and forced discharge,resultingin concentratioii of crushing energy, high crushing efficiency,low energy consumption andless wear. The results obtained by industrial tests of cobblestone crusher stone show that com-pared with a jaw crusher the crusher’s capacity is increased by a factor of abOut 2,energyconsumption decreased by 40%,steel consumption decreased by above 50% and more ratic-nal size distribution can be achieved.
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Gave character request of personnel safety detection system oriented to coal mine crusher.The software and hardware design of the system were introduced in detail.And discussed the arithmetic of personnel locating and relative position matching.

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