Interview Hangzhou appliances, is not an easy task, because it affects a lot of people nervous subject.

Start early, rapid development of Hangzhou appliance industry, once the brand has a lot of loud, almost brilliant in the 90’s; but later, Hangzhou appliances suddenly silent, we watched a rising star on the all-powerful in the market.

As the international home appliance giant, flocking, and household appliances down the “giant” has been a time a few unclear. In this piece of a bloody battlefield, we see now is still pluggin “Hangzhou appliances” that the remaining flag pole a few local brands. However, they who are carrying our endless hopes and dreams.

Two major domestic and international market squeeze, a dizzying brand, experienced a wave of the baptism of the first round of consumer appliances mature consumers, all the things that mean a new round of China’s home appliance market, the competition will be in a higher platform to start, competition is much more tragic than 10 years ago. In these variables and challenges, how will the sword Hangzhou appliances, natural concern for more people.

Hangzhou appliances “Three Musketeers”

Swordsman I: Qin Jiqiang (Hangzhou Goldfish Electric Group Co., Ltd. Chairman, General Manager)

2004 Year drew many people have noticed the media on a message: Goldfish Electric sales revenue Qi Cheng, breaking the 3.0 billion! This had been silent for many years the brand has once again let people see the hope of home appliances in Hangzhou. Brought the surprise is that the Qin Jiqiang. Five years after the mill sword, Qin Jiqiang once again proved himself.

methanol installationHangzhou appliances 20 years of ups and downs, and Qin Jiqiang name closely linked. Many people remember Hangzhou, the family bought the first

Washing machine

Is the “goldfish” brand. Since the birth in 1979, the “Goldfish” on the way to swim in the front.

1992, the goldfish to achieve a joint venture with Matsushita, which had later “Golden Pine” brand. The joint actions caused controversy at the time, some people think that goldfish development and hard with no need to engage with others. “But the fact was that, this is a win-win situation. If there is no successful cooperation with Panasonic, goldfish may live to see today.” Qin said.

However, in 2000 the ultimate disintegration of Hangzhou appliance group, so Qin Jiqiang at a media maelstrom. The face of strong pressure, Qin chose silence. As a swordsman, Qin would use their sword to speak. Five years later, people see, Qin Jiqiang Hangzhou Matsushita not only bigger, but also successfully revived the “goldfish” brand, which is the only remaining Hangzhou, a brand of home appliances group.

“In the meantime, I have done two things, first is a more stable placement of the diversion of more than 1,000 companies and the second is the group conducted a more thorough restructuring.” Qin that the two After the development of initiatives to lay a good foundation.

Present, goldfish have been honed through the most difficult period is to enhance coal brand value. Turning to the future development, Qin Jiqiang that, in addition to cling to household automatic washing machine wave wheel, double drum type washing machines, electrical products, to meet consumer demand will develop some type of health care and home appliances


Electrical appliances. “A kitchen and a satellite is that people in the new house


The most important, kitchen appliances market is very big. “There already have goldfish foot bath massager, back massage, electronic temperature-controlled products such as washing seat, by the market.

Qin Jiqiang next big move is the relocation of the new plant. He said that the Divisional Board Lane in Gongshu plant, as surrounded by residential areas, businesses can not expand. Therefore, the goldfish has been redoubling its efforts to build industrial park Xiasha new plant.

To represent the Eternal Flame in Hangzhou last three home appliance brands?? Goldfish, Lake several sources, China Japan, Qin Jiqiang that these brands survive today, after a long temper has accumulated much experience, have a very strong viability. However, to further develop, seek international cooperation might provide a shortcut to local brands to promote the concept, management, technological advances, rapidly establish a set of operation mechanism in line with international rules.

Swordsman II: China’s Zhang (West Lake Electronics Group Co., Ltd. Chairman)

Founded in 1973, West Lake Electronics Group, Hangzhou, who was once the pride of the technical set-off more than the first. Unfortunately, the technology leader has failed to translate into market advantage. The late 90s of last century, with the influx of foreign brands, “West Lake” starting to fall, once losses reach a billion dollars.

At this time, the Young Marshal Zhang took the burden upon the country. In the industry, there is a chapter China’s people delight in talking about the classic battle called “eye-catching National Action.” December 26, 2004, the number of source 32-inch Lake


4,000 yuan price reduction, the first to hit 9,999 yuan in the domestic price, shocked the industry. Eyebrows sword scabbard, for the attack, the country through a full chapter to wait for four years. Chapter China’s taking over, the number of sources Westlake sales almost doubling every year, amazed by the industry as “the number of source phenomenon.” Zhejiang University professor got wind of hope “several sources phenomenon” can be a wonderful EMBA tutorial on lesson plans.

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