There are some ways you can do to deal with the blow-by oil leak in the sportster of your Harley motor cycle. One of the blow-by solutions from the factory is the blow-by vents which are so far from the vacuum. This is crated by carburetor inlet. This condition leads the blow-by to puddle in the bottom of the Sportster air filter housing and then leak into the engine.

One of the solutions you can do is to route the blow-by oil on the carburetor inlet. This is then made the blow-by oil suck into the carburetor of the Sportster. This will then lead the blow-by directly exit over the carburetor intake as what it should be.

The next you can do is to see the line of the fuel. The blow-by oil leak may be also caused by the stiff fuel line so that it can not route well above the carburetor inlet of the Sportster. The blow-by oil can ultimately deteriorate the vacuum hose. As it happens, you have to replace the hose which is close to the molded tubes inside diameter.

To replace it, you have route the hose sections through each of the blow-by tube. Then, simply pull it out from the air inlet opening. As those sections have been routed, connect the vacuum tee between them. Set the vacuum tea opening faces toward the inlet of the carburetor. Then, you can pull the vacuum hose from those sides until the tee properly settles inside the assembly of the air filter.

liquid ammonia tankThe last thing you should do is to cut the excess vacuum hose flush along with the molded tubes on the assembly of the air filter. The length of the blow-by bolts which attach to the head is ½ inch. Meanwhile, the molded tubes into which they fit are ¾ inch. Once the air filter assembly is reinstalled, the blow-by bolts push the vacuum hose to the molded tubes so that there will be ¼ inch of vacuum tube which is still in the molded tubes. You have to reroute the blow-by over the carburetor.

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