Colon cleansing improves your digestive system. Digestion combines a chemical and mechanical process of transforming food into molecular level to be absorbed by the body. To improve workings of the digestive system, colon cleansing supplements are responsible for stimulating and toning natural body secretions; and functions of the intestines, stomach, liver, and the colon.

Ceramic moment saddleOf course there seems to be a proliferation of colon cleansers all over the place, including the internet external half coil heating reflects kettle and TV. Most of these products offer to drastically eliminate toxins and fecal matters from the lining of your large intestines. This leads to a lot of confusion because different products claim different levels of efficiency; some products claim they have the ability to clean the colon in three days and others claim several weeks. Producers are versed at aggressive marketing to encourage people to buy and consume excessive amounts of their products.

In the midst of all these contradicting claims, how can one be assured of a real and good colon cleansing exercise especially when the colon is not visible to the eyes? It becomes more interesting when some producers claim that a one product can effectively cleanse everyone’s colon. This false claim has created serious health problems for people with special cases.

Before starting a colon cleansing exercise, it is best for you to decide what you want to achieve before adopting a particular product. For instance some products may have strong laxatives and such are advised to be used for a short period, while the products designed to rid the body of intestinal parasites are advised as a slower usage but for longer periods to effectively eliminate the parasites and the fecal matters.

Accumulation of fecal wastes gives symptoms like body odour, constipation, bloating, stomach ache, and flatulence and stomach pain. With effective colon cleansing, these symptoms would usually disappear within two to three days. This is when you can conclude that your colon has been thoroughly cleansed. However, the level of fecal accumulation would determine the length of colon cleansing needed. So the best thing is to determine what is best for you rather than following the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter because their recommendation is for a general consuming market, otherwise, try to consult a nutritionist or dietician.

In rare cases, the toxins eliminated from the colon during the exercise can seep into the skin, thereby causing acne, rashes and flu-like symptoms. It is therefore advised that you consult a medical doctor or a colon specialist before embarking on colon cleansing.

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