Did you know that the State of California has recently outlawed plastic bags at the grocery store? And I assume that this new law will take effect sometime in the future. Those who make the plastic bags, and those the plastic industry think this is terrible. benzoic acid workshop And they have several reasons. One is that some plastic bags are made from corn products, and in the refining process of making ethanol, and BioDiesel, there are leftover molecules which can be put together to make polymer chains, and yes grocery store plastic bags.

In fact, there is an entire industry set up now that takes recycled plastic bags and makes them into other things. They are easy to recycle, and process. If we all decide not to use plastic bags, or there’s a law against it, there will be leftover chemicals at the refineries for petroleum, and ethanol products, with nowhere to go. That’s not good either, and we have an entire industry, with some brilliant entrepreneurs, innovators, and scientists – we have finally figured it all out, and now California has changed the rules.

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Still, many Americans now are taking their own shopping bags with them to the grocery store and filling them up, some grocery stores, and I know my grocery store does give you points, or discounts on future purchases if you bring your own bags in. That’s environmentally friendly for sure, and that’s a way to participate in Nigerian green living. There was also a very interesting article in the newspaper not too long ago by Anjeli Cordeiro titled “Food Packaging Goes Green,” and it discussed many companies which use Bioplastics.

Several of these companies are now the FDA has approved and many of the personal care products, food products, and even plastic containers are made with Bioplastics. I think you should read that article and consider how the free market and free-enterprise system has already solved the problem. Now the State of California is changing all the rules, and in doing so they are taking away jobs from startup companies that are not only solving the problems of mankind, they’re helping us make better choices when we purchase products.

I bet you’ve even bought products, which were wrapped in plastic, and this plastic is made from corn, and you didn’t even know it – and yes, you already put these in the recycling bin, which is good, they will be recycled, but isn’t it wonderful that sometimes you can participate in green living without even knowing about it. Maybe we need to stop and explain that to some of the environmentalists, as they lobby our legislators and government to make stricter and stricter laws, when they don’t understand. Please consider all this.