Looking at the world economic situation, global economic crisis, every major technological breakthroughs will be accompanied by, thus promoting the industrial revolution that gave birth to new industries and creating new economic growth point. Many experts believe that this hundred years since 2008, the international financial crisis, it will also spawned a number of new industries have sprung up everywhere, and this technology revolution will be the new energy industry revolution, they believed, including wind, solar, including The new energy industry will be the engine driving the economy out of crisis.

This year, some countries have introduced a policy of strong support for the development of new energy industries. President Barack Obama took office as the United States put the beginning of the development of new energy as the focus of investments, plans to invest 150 billion U.S. dollars for new energy technology research and development; European Union also announced that by 2013, invested 105 billion euros to support the “green economy”, the British Government announced the the “low-carbon transition, development planning,” … … States “green New Deal” appears to have let people smell a new energy industrial revolution atmosphere.

In the United States and other developed countries to launch a new energy revolution, when the button, and China also accelerated the process of the new energy revolution. This year, China’s new energy policy, frequency of blowing warm air: In mid-February the Ministry of Finance and other four ministries in Beijing and other 13 to carry out energy-saving and new energy vehicles on a trial basis awarding; in late February, the State introduced a year across the country a 100 million energy-saving lamps of financial subsidy policy; the first quarter of this year, “solar roofs” plan came out, the financial will be three types of solar photovoltaic demonstration projects to subsidize construction applications;

Recently, the Ministry of Finance has introduced measures to help top ten new energy industry, including the strong support for large-scale wind power development, and launch large-scale wind power development and construction of bases in the implementation of the “golden sun” works. Concern of the country’s new energy industry development plans are expected soon.

ice machine installationNot long ago, the State Council held a forum on the development of the emerging strategic industries, the new energy industry is one of the discussion was focused on an emerging industry. This means that the new energy industry in China has been upgraded to the status of a strategic industry.

In fact, after years of development, China’s new energy industry has begun to take shape. Following main features: the ability of independent innovation and technological research and development has improved significantly, power generation and transmission, new energy vehicles, silicon purification, and other key materials, key technologies are close to or reach the world advanced level; high-efficiency lighting products as well as wind turbine, photovoltaic batteries have become larger.

However, generally speaking, China’s new energy, energy-saving environmental protection industry and technology with the international advanced level there is a large gap between the smaller domestic market, production costs are relatively high. Then, the development of China’s new energy industry bottleneck What is this? How can we achieve the energy transmission network, “a network of multi-channel”? How to promote the city to start green building program? Launched a dedicated newspaper reports, interviews with the industry on these topics, some experts and business executives. Author Box frbiz2@foxmail.com has 1 articles online

I am an expert from China Manufacturers, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as dual coffee pots , yixing tea sets.

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