Green gas, a mixture of ethanol and regular gas, is a great alternative to straight gasoline. Ethanol is created through the distilling of crops such as corn, barley and wheat. Even if only added in minimal amounts to gasoline, it can make a huge difference in the greenhouse gases emitted. Most cars can run on a 10-90 ethanol mix. Flexible fuel cars can run on an 85-15 mix which runs extraordinarily cleanly and even further reduces harmful emissions. Unfortunately, only one in 40 cars can run on this mixture. Mixed with other green and low-pollution efforts, it can be extraordinarily beneficial to the world.

heat exchanger mass productionElectric cars use a combination of green gas and electricity to run. The two work in perfect unison to recharge the photovoltaic battery and to simultaneously emit smaller and cleaner amounts of pollution. Electric and hybrid cars are moving quickly into the forefront of the market. They use gas efficiently, stretching it further than ever before, while emitting fewer pollutants. Many consumers wonder: Are they worth the investment? and millions of consumers around the world believe they are!

These hybrid vehicles have become a green symbol in the current environmental movement. The cars combine the effort of a battery-powered electric motor, which works to relieve the demand on the combustion engine and allows the car to release less greenhouse emissions. The car is then able to have a much smaller gasoline engine while remaining much more fuel efficient. The electrical batteries in these cars do not need to be plugged in to recharge; they simply recharge themselves as the car is in use; similar to traditional car batteries. The batteries capture the kinetic energy that is created when the brakes are engaged. Some hybrids differ and instead use the energy created by the combustion engine which generate electricity by spinning the electrical generator.

There are two types of green electric autos—full hybrids and mild hybrids. Full hybrids allow both the gasoline engine and the electric motor to power the auto. This allows the vehicle to shut down the gas engine when stopped and also allows for the car to be start up and drive on electrical power alone. Mild hybrids, on the other hand, use the electric motor to simply boost the performance of the gas engine when it is in need of extra power. Mild hybrids use a stop/start system, which shuts the gas engine off at an idle and then instantly stars up again when the accelerator is touched. is very excited by the huge advances we are making in the area of green gas and electric cars as technology and procedures are improved upon and refined more and more each year!

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