resin factoryWhen choosing a method to heat your home, your decision should be based on possible usage and your personal preference. There are several types of heating and air conditioning options available, but heating has some unique aspects. It is always a hot debate on which of the two methods; electric or gas heating is the better option. Both methods have pros and cons, and it mainly depends on how much the gas you’ll use costs during any given cold season, versus the cost of electrical use for that season.

Gas furnaces use propane, natural gas, LPG and even diesel, among other available fuel sources. Gas furnaces are typically fuel efficient if given enough care and maintenance throughout the year, and will usually go unused through warmer months. At this point, gas usage, unless used for other appliances in the home, is nil. Fuel levels must be checked on a regular basis; so an emergency fill up does not become a problem. An emergency fill up can be very costly on holidays or weekends, when most people tend to run into Murphy’s Law; this is a downside to a gas furnace. As long as the fuel lasts, there will be heat. An upside to gas furnaces is when the power goes out, there will still be heat, provided there is fuel. Another bright side to gas furnaces is that they usually provide heat very fast.

Electric furnaces depend on the power supply into a home or business place. Electrical costs fluctuate often, and how much the electricity for the unit costs depends upon the amount of usage. There are ways to set that cost lower, by setting the thermostat just high enough to be comfortable in long sleeves in winter and short sleeves in the summer. There is no fuel level to keep an eye on, but if there is a power outage, so goes the heat as well. This catches a lot of homeowners off guard throughout the cold season. An electrical heating system must be kept clean and as dust free as possible, and only a skilled heating and air technician should ever tinker with the inside workings.

Whether to have an electric or gas furnace installed into a home or business, is a matter to be discussed and should be chosen carefully. Make a list of pros and cons that directly affect you and your situation, such as power versus fuel costs, amount of usage you think the unit will get and then talk over the issue with a good air conditioning and heating service person. They will be able to point out a few things you might not have thought of. No matter what your choice may be, you want comfort to be the end result of your heating system. Make your decisions based on what fits you best and then have the best system installed. There is a large range of heating systems available, and there is always bound to be more than one that you can mull over and make a final decision on.

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