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One of the most notoriously unorganized areas of the house is undoubtedly the dreaded garage. Here are a few tips for keeping your garage organized.

1. To be or not to be a pack rat! If you don’t use it, or it’s broken either throw it away or give it away. This must be the era of hording because all that one seems to see in garages across North America is stuff, and more stuff. When cleaning out the garage with the intention of actually using it for the car, practice the three pile method. One pile is to keep, one pile is to throw out, and one pile is to give away. Make sure the most of the stuff ends up either in the give away pile or the trash pile as the whole point is to re-introduce your car to it’s home.

2. Decide on a storage method. Shop around, depending on the size of your garage and what needs to be kept in it will depend on which storage method you choose. The over head racks are great for storing bins that you rarely need to get to like those pesky Christmas lights. Also using Rubbermaid bins with lids provides safer and cleaner storage. Boxes can weaken over time running the risk of the items stored in them crashing to the garage floor or worse on the car. Rubber made bins will stay strong, and keep bugs and dirt out while preserving what’s inside.

Other Storage Options

Wall storage: Another means of storage are wall hangers. These can be placed along the walls of the garage. You can hang step ladders, hoses, rakes, shovels etc.. This keeps them out of the way and yet easily accessible.

Lifts: There is a great product on the market called the Loft-it-King. It is basically a lift. It is sturdy enough to hold a car and simple enough to load boxes. It’s great for those that enjoy doing at home maintenance and for those single car garages, you can literally pile two cars in a single garage.

Wall Cabinets: For those that are going to use their garages for other means rather than car storage you can optimize space with wall to wall cabinets. These are great for crafters, carpenters, and just plain storage.

Garages are one of the most useful parts of our homes. They provide both convenience and practicality. The key to having a great garage experience is to stay organized and optimize the space for the best storage results.

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