I am personally a simple compressor guy. Attack, sustain, and level are usually all I want/need. On the refinery you have so many options it can be overwhelming crafting a sound you love. I would say for a touring musician this is not your pedal, if I am being honest. Even while writing this review I managed to bump the knobs out of place many times, having to reset my sound a few times. Which is fine for a stationary pedal or a studio pedal, like you might be using at church. I found the more I played it the more I liked it. This may be one of the best transparent compressors I have ever played.

Let’s start with the variable ratio knob which seems to act much like a limiter for the attack and release which beer can is great. I like to run things hot and wet so I kept the ratio and blend knobs pretty . Honestly though, I was shocked to see this pedal react very well to heavy mixes of everything even level. It seemed to produce no clipping even at full level which was awesome to work with.

Dialing in this pedal can be a chore but it gives you a good transparent compression no matter where you are at on the pedal. I would not recommend this pedal to anyone who does not use compression in their rig. You will just feel like it’s not doing anything for you, especially if you’re not doing chicken picking or some big lead lines. For the price point this pedal is right on and I would add it to my rig at church where my pedals are fairly stationary.

Which before I forget let’s talk about the bright switch I was playing this pedal through a telecaster so it didn’t feel like the bright switch did much for my guitar, but I imagine if i was playing my Gretsch White Falcon it would have brightened it right up.

All I can say is this pedal made my tone sound better somehow, and is a great compressor pedal. As I mentioned above, for $189 it is a great value and is right up there with my other favorite comps on the market.