Tank liquid distributorAccording to a recently published report, the Global Fluid Catalytic Cracking Market is expected to grow at the CAGR of 3.6% during 2016-2022. The global fluid catalytic cracking market is segmented on the basis of units. The report on global fluid catalytic cracking market forecast, 2016-2022 (by units) provides detailed overview and predictive analysis of the market.

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The global fluid catalytic cracking market is expected to grow exponentially due to its increasing demand of gasoline in the transportation sector. Increasing globalization, demand for clean fuel and decreasing fossil fuel are the major drivers for the fluid catalytic cracking market. Fluid catalytic cracking market is expected to report growth in the forecast period due to huge economic growth in various countries like China, India, Mongolia, Laos and Cambodia. There is expected to be a huge demand for gasoline due to considerable increase in transportation and industrial sector.

Fluid catalytic cracking is a secondary unit operation that basically helps in production of additional gasoline in the petroleum refining process. The process converts high-molecular weight hydrocarbon fractions of petroleum into more valuable olefinic gases, gasoline, diesel and other products. It converts feedstock with high boiling point and vaporizes and breaks chain of long hydrocarbon liquid molecules into smaller molecules at high temperature and moderate pressure. Catalysts play a huge role in the FCC process and they need to possess large pore size, have low coke production and should be able to withstand high temperature and operational activity. Several governments are increasing investments in activities of petroleum refining to meet increasing demand along with enhancement of existing equipment and technological up gradation. Futuristic plans of refinery construction and expansion are anticipated to add to refinery capacity, developing huge demand for catalytic cracking processes. The regional imbalances in petroleum supply are expected to boost refinery operations at global level.

Factors, which restrain market growth, are high cost for operating refineries, investing in new refineries and feedstock composition balance.
APAC, Middle East and Central and South America region is expected to report good growth in the forecast period. Growth will almost be stagnant in the forecast period in Europe and US.

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Scope of the Report

1. Global Fluid Catalytic Cracking Market By Technological Configuration 2012 – 2022 ($ Million)
1.1. Side-To-Side Type 2016 – 2022
1.2. Stacked Type 2016 – 2022

2. Global Fluid Catalytic Cracking Industry, Regional Outlook 2014-2022 ($ Million)
2.1. North America
2.2. Europe
2.3. Asia Pacific
2.4. Middle East & Africa
2.5. Central & South America

3. Competitive Landscape
3.1. Albemarle Corporation
3.2. Axens
3.3. BASF SE
3.4. CB&I Company
3.5. Chevron Lummus Global
3.6. Exxon Mobil
3.7. Flour Corporation
3.8. Shell Global Solutions
3.9. UOP
3.10. W.R. Grace Company

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