U-tube heat exchangerIt’s a tough job market out there and it’s vital to have a degree in order to be marketable if you are seeking employment. After investing time and money into obtaining their diplomas, many students want one which translates into significant earning potential . Here are a few Bachelor degrees which command very high pay right out of college.

Engineering degrees top the highest paid list taking up the first eight positions. This includes petroleum, aerospace, chemical, electrical nuclear and biomedical engineering. At the top of the list is Petroleum Engineering with an average starting salary of a nice $93,000. Yes, that’s starting salary and it only goes up from there. Generous salaries are the norm in the petroleum sector due to the profitability of the oil business. Graduates in this field generally work to find and recover gas and oil reservoirs. Nuclear engineers can expect to start off in the $63k range. If you are mathematically inclined Engineering might be a great option to explore. It’s a very tough subject requiring a high proficiency in difficult math and science classes. The two non-engineering degrees in the top 10 list with starting earnings at $61k and $54k respectively are computer science and information sciences. This is another option to think about if you enjoy computers. Keep in mind that computer science courses are also very mathematics intensive.

Business majors can also be quite profitable. Economics majors can expect to start at $48k and finance students $47k. From observing these numbers, it’s clear that the money lies in math and science. Math is the key to lucrative job positions. Engineering, Computer Science and Economic degrees all require excellent and advanced math skills while liberal arts majors such as Sociology and Teaching are towards the low end of the list salary wise.

The lowest paying degrees include sociology, teaching, English and history degrees. The starting pay for social workers and elementary teachers start at around the $33k range towards the lower end of the pay scale. Supply and demand determines who gets paid what and graduates with degrees in Engineering are rare and very much needed while Liberal Arts degree holders are more commonplace.

This lists only encompasses starting salaries right out of college which means that it doesn’t cover the highest salaries as a whole. Plenty of other individuals in different professions such as doctors or lawyers also have very high earnings. Don’t despair if your strong subject isn’t math or science. If you are passionate about your work and enjoy what you do, you have the potential to earn a lot of money no matter what type of degree you earn.

Written by Jacqueline Star: Online Degree, Online Advertising Agency