With the 2012 Ontario Building Code deadline calling for homes to be 35% more energy efficient than homes that are built today, new home builders could be faced with the additional cost of installing higher end heating and cooling systems. And new home buyers may be looking at more sophisticated heating and cooling systems that require a higher level of expertise in maintenance and repairs. A practical alternative for both builders and new homebuyers is a bundled rental package that includes a water heater, along with a furnace, air conditioner, air handler or drain water heat recovery system. Since 2003, Reliance Home Comfort has offered bundled rental packages (rental furnaces, air conditioners, water heater and air handler combo systems, indoor air quality products and more) to the existing residential market, and the option has caught on with a growing number of homebuilders. In 2009, over 4,500 homeowners chose to rent their furnace, air conditioner, or system from Reliance. And for the past two years, Reliance Home Comfort has been offering its Comfort Value Bundle Program to the new homes market as well. Builders can choose from three set packages or they can have one that is custom, with any combination of heating and cooling products. One of the more popular bundles is a water heater and air handler rental. Other possible combinations include a water heater with air conditioner, or with air handler.
Reliance provides rental customers with complete peace of mind. We take the risk out of products and services that are essential to our customers lives. And we make it easy and affordable for families to stay comfortable all year long, says Neil Martin, marketing manager for Reliance Home Comfort.
Typically new homebuyers expect the furnace to come with their home and the idea of renting your furnace is a fairly new option. Our Comfort Value Bundle program is becoming a popular choice with customers who value the ability to heat and cool a home for maximum comfort and energy efficiency at the lowest cost.
Currently, 96% of Ontario homeowners rent their water heaters. The Comfort Value Bundle Program
is a natural extension of this approach and Reliance Home Comfort is working to raise awareness
about this option amongst GTA homebuilders.
Builders save on capital costs and, depending on the energy efficiency of home comfort products, homeowners can save up to $35 per month on their energy bills.
Rental rates for a high-efficiency gas furnace and an Energy Star water heater is approximately $50 per month probably less than your cable bill, says Larry Brydon, senior account executive for Reliance Home Comfort.
We take the worry out of replacing heating and cooling equipment by paying the capital cost and by providing guaranteed service 24/7/365. And if you sell your home, the equipment is carried on to the
next homeowner, who assumes the rental agreement.
Reliance Home Comforts large network of licensed service technicians are trained to maintain and
repair a variety of products including GSW water heaters, Rinnai tankless water heaters, Venmar heat
recovery ventilators, Goodman furnaces and air conditioners and Power-Pipe drain water heat recovery
systems. Homeowners have live phone support in the event of a breakdown, as well as 100% coverage
on all parts and labour. One of such licensed contractors of Reliance is ACfurnaceGTA.ca (division of Air Efficiency Corp.) doing the quality installation of all Reliance HVAC equipment.
Were seeing a lot of interest now, especially since the Energy Star and LEED programs in the new homes market, Brydon says. Energy Star for New Homes is a proven program aimed at building homes that consume less energy, on average about 25% less than a home built to minimum Ontario Building Code standards.
The LEED Canada for Homes program goes beyond Energy Star for New Homes by pushing energy efficiency even further, and offering higher standards for clean air and less water use.
There is a big uptake on products offered as part of Reliances Comfort Value Bundle Program with first-time purchasers who are young and eco savvy, as well as retirees, who are socially responsible and are concerned about ongoing operating costs, says Brydon.
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methanol canLearn more about Toronto Furnace, A/C and Water Heater Rental program through Reliance official representative ACfurnaceGTA.ca

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