US President Barrack Obama’s message to company executives was that development of innovative environmental technologies is vital for economic development of the country. The Obama administration has called for infrastructure investments for the development of green energy which only can ensure a steady growth of the economy. The US government has declared a lot of incentives for development of cleantech and renewable energy. The President has urged that by the year 2012 the country must be meeting 10% of its electricity requirements from renewable sources such as solar, wind and geothermal and by year 2025, it must be 25%.

In the financial bailout package that was brought out by the US administration recently, tax credit for solar energy was extended to 8 years and that for wind energy was extended by one year. The government has called for modernization of power grid and strict code for building efficiency. The government encourages investments in clean-coal technology which ensures underground storage of Petroleum Refinery Equipment carbon emissions. The President has also anticipated that investment in clean energy will lead to creation of “green jobs. Incentives are also offered for smart grid devices such as advanced meters.

Research on clean-coal technologies to store carbon emission underground will also get a boost. The support for bio-fuel also will be continued.
Companies in America and Europe that are engaged in the power and environmental sectors have given priority for research and education in environmental technology. The US has the world’s largest energy market. The demand for cleantech and renewable energy increases constantly not only for environmental protection but, also for creation of new jobs. This huge requirement can be met by nuclear power as well as by other solutions of clean energy. There are many companies in US and Europe who are world leaders in clean energy technologies. The government of Canada has formed a foundation named as Sustainable Development Technology, Canada (SDTC) and the government has granted $1.05 million towards its commitment to protect the environment and ensure a healthy life to all Canadians.

SDTC, Canada is a no-profit organization and is working with both private and public sectors for the fulfillment of its mission. The foundation has separate projects for maintaining pure water, pure air, clean soil etc and for production of new-generation renewable fuels. Refinery There are several firms in Europe and US who will be consultants for companies that are in the fields such as energy, manufacturing, bio-technology and utilities etc. The consultants provide quick solutions to the various operational problems faced by their clients.

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