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According to well-known steel information organizations “My iron and steel” to the latest market report, in the last week, domestic steel prices continue to rise, but the major varieties of steel have a slight rise in contraction. With the gradual improvement in the international market, some steel export orders even scheduled to June, or to reduce the pressure on the domestic market. It is noteworthy that despite the recent rate of steel prices go fast, but not a lot of resources to profit-taking, the pillars of slightly less than the late.

According to “My iron and steel” surveillance, the domestic steel market has been rising for some time, high steel prices move closer to the process “needs a little slow tone,” the major varieties of steel this week’s gains are the contraction . In addition to individual areas, tons of wire rod and rebar price gains are between 100 to 150 yuan, tons of hot rolled coils in the 100 yuan price increase, the average tons of medium plate price increase for the 60 to 80 yuan for rooms.

According to analysis, extended domestic rebar prices continue to trend higher, but the overall gains slow down; wire rod prices have picked up some regions of the wire rod prices even higher than that of large size rebar offer. Hot and cold coils in the market, most steel products of Baosteel in April the “flat” pricing, no significant effects on price movements, by the long-term impact of electronic disk continue to be strong, middle market and ever-increasing demand for active, the overall price trend continued to move closer to the high level, coupled with Hebei Iron and Steel Group, and another large price increases in April ordering the estimated steel “strong pricing,” the short term is to promote the spot steel prices still rising in the direct driving force.

The plate, along with the pre-market prices closer to the “expected price” mentality between the parties to the performance of the market has intensified, resulting in price increases has slowed noticeably, and even shows “stagflation” situation, but This week, Baosteel hot products in April priced out “set up”, the market sentiment warm again, the mainstream prices continued to rise.

According to “My iron and steel” analysts judge the cost of price increases in the current context, the leading domestic steel prices or to gradually increase the short term, the price of spot market will generate up to promote Latin. With the gradual improvement in the international economy, foreign steel demand increase, it will greatly boost China’s steel exports, domestic exports of some steel mills and corporate orders and even has lined up in June, which will reduce the domestic market or the availability of resources pressure. It is noteworthy that at present, the domestic price of many tons of steel varieties cumulative increase reached 450 to 500 yuan, up speed while fast, but not a lot of resources to profit taking. The pillars of the market slightly late enough in the short term market trend exists the possibility of shock callback. Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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