Do you have to use distilled water or can you use tap water for humidification purposes? If you want to store cigars, cigarettes and other cigar accessories, then some sort of humidification system is necessary. You can find distilled water at any local store nearby the pure water section. Distilled water is required if you are humidifying a room. This type of water has been purified through boiling. The steam is collected and then condensed into a bottle or other type of container.

Tap water is not recommended for drinking or for humidification purposes. The government has actually posted warnings on tap water, stating that it contains minerals and even unhealthy microorganisms. For the same reason as drinking tap water can be healthy, so is using tap water for humidification purposes. These humidifying devices will disperse the minerals from tap water into the air around you. Some of the dust and deposits they leave behind can also be a health risk. Chlorine can also cause some damage and disrupt the humidification process.

Distilled water has less minerals overall than does tap water. Remember that the chemicals found in tap water can greatly affect the cigar quality and the taste. Another thread to consider is that of chlorine. This chemical can actually stall the process of humidification. When using distilled water, you want to try to get 70% moisture. Dry the area after applying the spray.

It is imperative to keep the area clean, especially if you want to maintain the true taste and scent of a cigar. When you provide a clean humidor or coolidor area, you protect your cigarette and cigar supplies against mold, infestation and other threats. Keep your box in a dry area and make sure the temperature is somewhat cool. Avoid the sun. Hot temperatures can damage cigars and cause the development of fungus. No, fungus and bug infestation do not add any pleasing qualities to a vintage cigar!

Using tap water in a humidification system is not a good idea. It will not only be a waste of time but also a waste of some fine cigars. In order to retain taste and quality, cigars must be kept in a moist environment, within an acceptable range (about 70%). If you create an efficient humidor or coolidor, you will be able to store your cigars for months or even years on end. You can find distilled water from the local grocery store. Take care of your cigars and use only the best equipment and supplies when building your storage vessel. Author Box Bryan Smythe has 1 articles online

Bryan Smythe has expert knowledge of humidor supplies and how to buy cigar lighters and is a business consultant for an online cigar lighters store.

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