Distribution Features of Petroleum

North America

The countries with most crude oil storage are Canada,America and Mexico.The proven crude oil reserves  of Canada is 24.55 billion tons,ranking the second in the world.The proven crude oil of America is 2.98 billion tons,mainly distributing along Mexico Gulf coast and California Gulf coast,which the most famous is Texas and Oklahoma,also Alaska is important oil producing area.America is the world’s second oil producing country,but due to large consumption,a lot of oil still needs to be imported every year.The proven crude oil of Mexico is 1.69 billion tons,ranking the third largest traditional crude oil strategic reserve country of west hemisphere,and also the world’s sixth oil producing country.

Middle-South Africa

Middle-south Africa is one of the world’s important oil producing and exporting areas,and also the fastest growth areas of world’s crude oil reserves and oil production,in which Venezuela, Brazil and Ecuador is the largest crude oil reserves countries of this area.In 2006,the proven crude oil reserve of Venezuela is 10.96 billion tons,ranking the seventh of the world.In 2006,the proven crude oil reserve of Brazil is 1.61 billion tons,inferior to Venezuela.The crude oil resource in the waters of the Campos and Santos Basins of south-east Brazil consists the main parts of Brazil’s crude oil reserve.Ecuador,located in north-east of South America continent,is the third largest oil producing country in middle-south Africa, of which the territory is rich in oil resource,mainly concentrating in the east Amazon basin.Besides,there is little oil field distributed in the western peninsula region of Guayas province and Guayaquil gulf.

Asian-Pacific Region

The proven crude oil reserve of Asian-Pacific region is about 7 billion tons,and also is the fastest growth of oil production in the world.China,India,Indonesia and Malaysia are the countries with richest proven crude oil in this region,which are 4.5 billion tons,1.2 billion tons,0.9 billion tons and 0.6 billion tons respectively.China and India have rich crude oil reserve,but a lot of import still needed every year

Middle East

Middle East Gulf region is a hub location of Europe, Asia and Africa, which has a lot of crude oil resource,and is known as ‘world oil depot’. According to 2006’s latest data in US‘petroleum and gasoline magazine’, the world’s proven crude oil reserve is 180.49 billion tons,among which, Middle East’s proven crude oil reserve is 101.27 billion tons, accounting about 2/3 of the world’s total reserves. Among the world’s top 10 crude oil reserve countries, Middle Eastern countries accounted for 5, which in sequence are Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait and United Arabia Emirates.And the proven reserve in Saudi Arabia is 35.59 billion tons, ranking the first in the world. Iraq’s proven oil reserve increases from 11.5 billion tons to 14.31 billion tons,ranking the third in the globe. Iran’s proven crude oil is 18.67 billion tons,ranking the third of the world.


The proven oil reserve of Europe and Asia continents is 15.71 billion tons,accounting about 8% of the world’s total reserve.Therein, Russia’s proven oil reserve is 8.22 billion tons,ranking the world’s eighth.However, Russia is the world’s largest oil producing country, of which the oil production in 2006 is 0.47 billion tons.Kazakhstan in Middle Asia is also a country with rich oil in this region,which the proven reserve is 4.11 billion tons.Norway, Britain and Denmark are the richest proven crude oil reserve countries in West Europe.They are 1.07 billion tons,0.53 billion tons,0.17 billion tons respectively,among which Norway is the world’s 10th largest oil producing country.