Ceramic rasher ringIf you want to pursue a career in oil and gas engineering, you would like to go through the various possibilities to work at different positions in the oil and gas industry. Here is a list of various career options that you might consider to make a rewarding career in oil and gas.

Drilling Engineers

Drilling engineers make use of different instruments to locate oil and gas reservoirs. These professionals are responsible to specify the suitable equipment and materials used in order to guarantee safe, cost-effective and environmentally-safe drilling. Duties include evaluating potential costs and possible risks and reviewing performance. The BLS reports 26% job growth for drilling engineers in the upcoming years.

Production Engineers

Production engineers use their knowledge to manage daily operations, particularly developing the optimal strategy to extract petroleum while magnifying profits and lowering operational costs. Engineers study the samples of reservoir rock, take note of the production and analyze the effect of production on the reservoir. These professionals are also liable to work with third parties, such as regulatory agencies and service companies.

Reservoir Engineers

Reservoir engineers make use of progressive computer and mathematical models to examine future production. These professionals utilize geological data and reservoir simulation surveys to calculate the amount of oil to be extracted. Other duties of reservoir engineers include analyzing pressure, making assumptions about water flood and implementing petrophysical analysis to increase the value of exploration.

Depending upon your area of interest, you may choose to become a drilling engineer, production engineer or a reservoir engineer. But in order to achieve what you want to do, you have to get a degree in the respective field. After getting a degree in the field, try to get some experience to kick-start your career in your area of interest.

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