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Chief Engineer, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 26, said Zhu Hong, the international financial crisis under the influence of our country serious excess capacity in some industries more prominent, solar, wind and other emerging industries duplication, launched disorder problems can not be ignored .

Zhu Hong of China in 2009, reports of industrial economic operation in summer conference that recently with the economic development, actively looking around going through the adjustment of industrial structure to the way the financial crisis, a number of new industries, and therefore sought after by all concerned , especially wind power industry and the photovoltaic industry, by some local economic development as the next round of an important industry.

“From the direction of economic development, these representatives of the new economy, particularly on behalf of environmental protection, saving the industry, it should be said with more vitality. But now these new industries herd phenomenon, the lack of orderly development, it is possible the formation of a new round of overcapacity. and in these emerging industries, we do not grasp the core of relations

Key Technology, but in the general manufacturing process developed quite rapidly, which may lead to other problems, such as photovoltaic cell production process may cause serious pollution. They deserve our serious attention, to prevent redundant construction industry to bring new serious difficulties. “Zhu Hong Ren said.

Now repeat some of China’s traditional industries, building also on the rise. China’s steel industry overcapacity, more than 100 million tons, while new projects this year, up about 20%. Aluminum smelting industry capacity utilization rate is only about 65%, in the construction of alumina, electrolytic aluminum production still amounted to 5.6 million tons and 2 million tons. In addition, shipbuilding, chemical, plate glass, etc. There are also more serious overcapacity.

Last year, China is 1.39 billion tons of cement production, current production capacity of 19 million tons of cement production lines currently under construction in more than 200, with production capacity more than 200 million tons, if these lines are all over capacity after the formation of production capacity will reach 2.1 billion tons, cement production capacity surplus nearly 300 million tons. In the national cement production increased, profits are falling, some key cement producing provinces such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong and so on, there is overcapacity in cement.

View from the glass industry, glass production in China last year reached 574 million weight cases, the first consecutive 19 years in the world. Our existing glass production line 203, in the current financial crisis, the cut-off near 30. But a new round of construction in various places, there are a number of glass production line in the “big faster”, according to incomplete statistics, this year, construction glass production line, nearly 120.

“Serious problem of excess production capacity should rise to the common emphasis on various aspects of the industry department in charge of access conditions to enhance the development of production sectors, to promote the orderly development of the industry, in particular, to prevent those high energy consumption, emissions blind development of more serious business. We also hope that through mergers and acquisitions, eliminate backward, following the national industrial policy, so that the whole industry runs on standard, orderly, and healthy track, so that industry can get rid of the current crisis as soon as possible, onto a smooth development path. “Zhu Hong Ren said. Author Box gaga has 1 articles online

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