Fuel vehicles have become China’s main transportation tools. However, the three major ills of fuel vehicles, pollution, congestion, and car accidents have become more prominent, and have seriously affected people’s physical and mental health and life safety. At present, fuel pollution emissions have become the first source of pollution in many cities, compressing fuel consumption, and restricting the scale of refining is more in line with China’s national development model.

Compress fuel consumption. Vigorously developing rail transit is an important method of compressing fuel consumption. Vigorously promote the electrification of urban transportation vehicles, especially urban buses, logistics vehicles, and taxis should first replace electric vehicles with electric vehicles. Private cars should also accelerate the introduction of incentive policies to replace fuel vehicles with electric vehicles. With the advancement of energy storage technology, the cost of electric vehicles is getting lower and lower, and the cruising range is getting farther and farther. Especially with the development of 5G technology, automatic driving has gradually become a reality. Electric vehicles will promote urban traffic to be cleaner, more orderly and safer. More comfortable, while significantly reducing fuel consumption. With the development of urban bicycle lanes, urban greenways and urban parks, we will switch to the travel concept for short travel distances, and vigorously advocate returning to people’s most primitive modes of travel, such as cycling or walking, to exercise and appreciate the surrounding scenery. To achieve the purpose of travel, it can save energy, especially to reduce fuel consumption. As China’s economy develops from high speed to high quality, the total volume of heavy chemical logistics such as coal, steel, cement and building materials will decline. The use of intelligent Internet of Things will reduce the vehicle’s no-load rate, improve the efficiency of vehicle transportation, and also compress fuel. consumption. Vigorously develop other fuel-efficient vehicles such as oil and gas hybrids, increase the mileage of fuel consumption per unit, and also compress fuel consumption.