Clean air is something every human and every living being desire. It revitalizes one’s body as if breathing new life into it. It is like a gift from heaven to restore life energy. But unfortunately, today clean air is in scarcity. There are only a few regions where there is truly fresh air. A few generations later, these regions may no longer exist. Polluted air has seemingly devoured most of the clean air. Our children may very well face a grim future where the air is no longer suitable for breathing.

Air pollution is a monster created by man’s neglect for the global environment; a specter that now haunts humanity. Up until today pollution continues to grow and it won’t be long until it reaches an uncontrollable state that may lead to the planet’s demise. And the root of air pollution is man’s irresponsible energy generation and consumption. The industries are growing. And as these industries grow, the demand for energy also grows. This is why efficient energy is vital for man to maintain his current lifestyle; a lifestyle of great comfort in exchange for the desecration of our global environment.

Harmful energy generation has survived for more than two centuries because no green energy generation has been able to provide the same level of efficiency. Finally, with the discovery of gasification technologies, things are about to change. Gasification technologies involve turning feedstock into gas using extremely intense heat.

Gasification technologies employ oxygen limited chambers for two reasons. First, the oxygen limiters prevent carbon gas emissions from escaping into the environment. This is to greatly mitigate the resulting air pollution. This is what earned gasification technologies a slot in the group of green energy sources. The second reason is they allow full control of the amount of oxygen introduced into the feedstock. By controlling the amount of oxygen, temperatures can be accurately manipulated to create the purest particles.

Gasification technologies convert solid wastes into energy particles. The purer the said particle, the more efficient the energy produced is. The particles are then processed and transformed into gas in the form of very hot steam. The said steam is the incarnation of pure energy. This energy can be used to power generators that produce electricity.

Gasification technologies allow the feedstock to first reach the purest possible state resulting into energy with utmost efficiency. The said efficiency is so high it even has the potential to surpass the efficiency being boasted by conventional technologies such as fossil fuels that have great negative impact to the global environment.

Gasification technologiesGasification technologies will soon replace other energy technologies causing a great change that benefits the planet the most. Recovery will be facilitated and after some time, the earth will return to its air pollution free state. And everyone can enjoy breathing in clean air once again.

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