Civil engineering is regarded as one of the most attractive profession or career by students worldwide. Civil engineering includes designing, developing and maintaining huge buildings, bridges, and such other mammoth structures all over the world. Civil engineers are responsible for designing and planning roads, dams, buildings, canals, etc.

Civil engineering includes geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, rural or urban engineering, as its various sub-disciplines.

As a civil engineer, you will be looking into matters like sewage, water supply, road planning and maintenance and such other public works. Civil engineering is ideal for those who have a creative bent of mind and love to travel around the world. Today, we are seeing women studying this branch of engineering to take up more challenging tasks and risks related to the society at large.

Without the civil engineers, we would not have lived a life so comfortable and urban. For instance, think of such great works like the Bhakra Nangal Dam in India or the almost completed largest-ever designed civil works project – the “Great Wall of Louisiana” in USA. Who can ever forget the great architectural wonders such as the Taj Mahal of India or the Great Wall of China? These historical monuments speak high of civil engineers’ work in ancient times.

There are many famous schools and colleges imparting education on civil engineering. Students in large numbers are showing interest in studying civil engineering in all over the world. Making a career in this field ensures taking up senior position along with getting a good remuneration.

After studying civil engineering, you can make careers in environment if that suits you or else move on to some other career options such as transportation or urban engineering works.

For ambitious, career-oriented individuals, this branch of engineering offers diverse scope and good chance of professional growth. After graduating in civil engineering, you might have to start from the lower ladder with minimal work pressure, but gradually you will be given tougher jobs to handle that involve more hard work and added responsibilities.

In some companies, entry-level civil engineers are entrusted with the work of monitoring construction on the field or assisting some seniour engineers on-site. In some other organisation, you may be allowed to analyse and design important projects. In many cases, civil engineers need to work as a team, coordinating projects with several other engineers. Civil Engineering as a profession also involves working as a consultant to some big firm.

Civil engineering is a dream career for those who wish to do something innovative and useful for a country. A civil engineer’s hard work finally pays off when he/she successfully completes the project, without any problem.

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