chlorinated toluene towerWithin the oil and gas industry, Chemists can work in a variety of roles within Operators, specialist chemical companies, well services companies, consultancies, etc. Chemists can work both onshore and offshore.

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– Typical Day/Duties
– How this role fits in with the rest of the industry
– Basic entry requirements include (necessary)
– Employers might also look for (desirable)
– Typical starting salary may be in the region of
– Typical Salary Once Experienced
– Career Development

The nature of the work done by Chemists depends on the sort of company they work in and may include:

– Developing standards and procedures for chemical analysis and use
– Monitor usage of chemicals offshore and analyse against production/process data
– Laboratory testing of samples sent from offshore
– Developing, blending and testing chemical products
– Undertake research and development
– Trouble-shooting production problems

The use of chemicals and the application of a variety of aspects of chemistry are essential to the oil and gas industry to enhance production performance, prevent corrosion and support exploration activities. The continuous development of new chemical products is also an essential part of the future of the industry.

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