You can have a high paying career with several opportunities of advancement when you study Petrochem and Petroleum Refinery Engineering. It is a branch of chemical engineering which deals exclusively with the production of petroleum, its processing and refining and the production of petrochemicals. Petroleum is one of the most economically vital commodities in the world today. A Petrochem and Petroleum Refinery Engineer explore the possible sources of petroleum, locate them and extract them. They also research, design and produce new and improved machinery for more efficient extraction of oil.

Petrochem and Petroleum Refinery Engineering are divided into upstream and downstream sectors. The upstream sector deals with the exploration for oil, its mining and the processes and systems involved in location and extraction of oil. The downstream sector deals with the petroleum after it has been extracted. This sector is therefore concerned with research, design, development of equipments and processes involved in refining the petroleum and creating various petrochemicals out of it.