It is largely believed that diamonds are attained just from mines and are sent off to the jewelers for us to purchase. This is not true at all. Diamonds are typically put through a number of processes to look as beautiful as they do in the diamond jewelry box at our jewelers. Additionally, diamonds are now not solely attained from mines. Man made diamonds or synthetic ones are even being produced these days.

Synthetic diamonds have lately gained a lot of fame. The purpose is that it is just about impossible for one to differentiate between man made diamonds and natural ones without using hi-tech equipment. The best part regarding a man made diamond is that it is exactly the same as a natural one in terms of beauty and luster. However, there is a substantial difference among the prices of both these diamonds. There is no obvious variance amongst the two other than their price. All of their properties and features are the same also.

It can easily be claimed that synthetic diamonds are just like natural ones, because there is no difference among their characteristics and qualities. Hence, if you wish to astonish the love of your life without having to pay out too much money, ensure that you present her with a beautiful diamond ring. Diamonds are thought to be the hardest substance on earth and just absolutely nothing can surpass their elegance and beauty. And now thanks to the miracles of science, a diamond can easily be acquired by just about anybody.

The most interesting part about diamonds created within a lab is that no one can figure out whether it is naturally mined or artificially produced. It takes a very professional gemologist together with highly advanced apparatus to distinguish between the two.

A number of stones have been synthesized in laboratories since the very start of time. However, synthesizing man made diamonds is some-thing totally innovative. It was General Electric that initially produced a synthetic diamond in 1955. Albeit the fact that carbon is the only constituent that is present in a diamond, but properly lining all those carbon atoms to develop a structure is certainly very hard.

There are two different ways of producing man made diamonds. The most normally used process out of these two is HPHT or High Pressure, High Temperature. A huge press is used in this approach to be able to create extreme pressure which causes the temperature to rise to around 1500 degree Celsius. A 2.8 carat yellow diamond can easily be produced through this method in merely three days. As soon as the diamond is cleaned and cut, you get to bring in a 1.5 carat diamond.

The next method of manufacturing synthetic diamonds is referred to as Chemical Vapor Deposition or CVD. This process creates an environment that is like the earths crust by using the sliver of a genuine diamond with a variety of gases. This method is not frequently used since it is fairly expensive.

In easy words, the variations amidst these diamonds are seldom obvious. Man made diamonds have principally replaced naturally growing ones these days.

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