(1) at 1:25 p.m. on the November 19, 1993, Zhili Town, Shenzhen, Kwai Chung

Toy Factory fire killed 87 people and injured 51 people, destroyed 1,600 square meters plant, 8.08 million yuan of direct economic losses. Identified, the fire department warehouse electrical short circuit ignited tinder beads melt generated below the stack of fuel due.

(2) 1996 7 17 1 50 points, Shenzhen City, River-side

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Hotels Building where the big fire, killed 29 people. Cause of the accident is not closed before the staff left the fans,

Power supply Line around the fuel overheated due to ignition.

(3) 2008 9 20 to 23 am, Longgang District, Longgang street dance king Long East Community Club, stage performances discharge fireworks, the fire caused the roof of the fuel catastrophic fire, causing 44 deaths, 80 injured. Fire resulting in death or injury is mainly due to smoke and stampede.

In a variety of disasters, fire is the most frequent and most widespread threat to public safety and social development, one of the major disasters, building fires more likely to cause significant Qunsiqunshang event. Fire in our building, many of the victims were not burned to death burn, but to choke to death or killed in a plunge from a high-rise a fall. Therefore, when the fire broke out, trapped personnel should remain calm, take the right emergency measures can greatly increase the chances of survival.

1. Not in bed smoking a cigarette, throw mobile fire (matches, cigarette butts, mosquito coils, etc.), children do not play with fire.

2. Not to volatile gasoline, alcohol, solvents, oil, combustible at home.

3. Before going to bed, going to off electricity, turn off.

4. Fire and electric appliances not in use to leave the scene.

5. Check heating equipment regularly and timely repair of broken wires, switches.

6. Room floors, ceilings, curtains, etc., it is appropriate

Flame Retardant Or flame retardant material, disable combustible materials.

7. At home, car, standing and familiar to use fire fighting equipment.

8. Regular cleaning kitchen grease and dust cloth, linoleum and other flammable materials.

9. Building out the window Security Field activities should be established and to ensure that you can open the door.

1. Timely warning: loud call, alerted neighbors; call 110, clarifying the address and floor, the best illustration of combustion products, active await

Fire . 2. Fire fighting methods (1) stove on fire off the first valve, aprons soaked cover their cover off.

(2) Mo fire water pan, pour leaves and covering the lid.

(3) electrical power before ignition, dry clothing cover off; stand

TV Side of the unit to prevent the tube burst.

(4) individual items on fire, quickly moved outdoors. Find nearby fire device, basin, passing buckets of water, to make the best fire off.

3. Escape methods: (1) fire from low to high channeling, quickly identified the fire point, do not easily jump the floor, do not take the elevator.

(2) the balcony outside the window shouting, knocking soft cast metal objects. Waving brightly colored goods during the day, night light flashlight. Author Box pretty has 9428 articles online and 6 fans

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